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Take 2


It is 2 AM here and I am in my bed, stone cold sober in all my clothes and makeup from earlier tonight. Allow me to explain. 787 more words


1975 - Amelia Dies

Amelia died at the age of 79 in Sydney, Australia on the 24th April 1975


Blue Skies Ahoy

Winter is now in full swing in Sydney, which means lots of dry, sunny days and cool, crisp winds. If that sounds anomalous to your idea of winter, then it’s worth considering Sydney’s location climatically – nestled in the stretching neck of a temperate zone, just below and often influenced by the tropical zone to its north. 325 more words


An update on the ongoing question of why Australian Theatre criticism is valuable - even when I do it.

This post is a contribution to a contemporary debate about Australian theater, inspired by this post and this post, both of which I found illuminating and inspiring. 981 more words


Fingers Just for You

If you can imagine the Gallagher brothers going particularly psychedelic – turning into fuzzy lysergic-fuelled caricatures of themselves – then you will ‘get’ the Sydney-based band… 147 more words

Neil Mach


Drugs suck it up like vanilla icys
Don’t treat me rough, treat me really niceys
Decorate my neck
Diamantes ices
- Lana Del Rey (Cola)


Yo soy la princesa
Comprende mis white line
I’m you jazz singer
And you’re my cult leader
- Lana Del Rey (ultraviolence)