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Authoritarian “Thinking” 1

Robert Altemeyer’s The Authoritarians (abbreviated as “TA” hereafter – freely downloadable from the preceding link) is a truly important work not because of the originality of the work (the original work was all published in the peer-reviewed literature over the course of several decades), but because of the accessibility it brings to such an important constellation of ideas. 1,253 more words

Critical Thinking

Character, Action, Discretion

 Character is revealed by action.          ~~ Aristotle
 Action is discrete.                       ~~ Planck
 The better part of valour is discretion.  ~~ Shakespeare

Nine-Twenty-Three {2.2: Proofs about Sets}

Definitions: syllogism process p57 in order to use a known conditional statement, show that certain objects satisfy the hypothesis of that statement. You are then guaranteed that those objects satisfy the conclusion of that statement. 611 more words


The Replacements teach Syllogisms!

The press surrounding The Replacements homecoming show at Midway stadium has a common thread. There’s always a mention of only two original members, and the money grab. 403 more words

Critical Thinking

A weird way to show gratitude

I have had to watch a number of people wrestle with the side-effects of various forms of pharmaceutical medications (anti-psychotic drugs being the most complicated in my experience). 1,317 more words