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Debate 101: how a college course (and one assignment in particular) still serves me today.

Who doesn’t love a good debate?

I’m not sure what spurred the memory but the other night I got to thinking about a sophomore debating class I took at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. 383 more words

Define Your Terms, Dr. Dawkins: A Rational Response

The other day, Richard Dawkins decided to illustrate syllogisms for his Twitter followers.  Fine, good; more people should understand logic and how to use it. 703 more words

Rape: In Absolutist Terms. A response to Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins tweeted today that ‘date rape is bad. Stranger rape at knife point is worse. If you think this is an endorsement of date rape, then go away and learn how to think’. 588 more words

Aristotle on Bad Arguments - Leeds 4-5th July

Here is the the context for and detailed programme of the workshop on “Aristotle on Bad Arguments”, to be held at the IDEA CETL, University of Leeds, 4-5th July, 2014. 255 more words