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A Busy Day for Heidi

This is Heidi Blinker-Mole’s seamstress shop.

Este es Heidi Blinker-Mole’s tienda de costurera.

To get in, you have to enter through the ground floor.

Para alcanzarlo, necesitas entrar por la planta baja. 428 more words

Country Bathroom Set

This set is really comprehensive, complete with a bathtub, shower, toilet bowl, and 2 sinks!That’s right, 2 sinks! One for general use (like brushing teeth, washing & etc) and another small one where its sole purpose is for those Sylvanians that have just finished pee pee or poo poo >.< 242 more words


Nightlight Nursery

*Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonderzzzzzzzz…..*

It’s the Sylvanians nursery set for the babies!

This particular set is special, as it has a rotating set of lights (2 x triple A batteries needed), that which when wind, will light up cute shapes on the walls of the nursery. 190 more words


***Updated*** Cedar Terrace (3 storey house)

The 3-storey house is finally done with all DIYs, but as the human was very busy with her job, this post was delayed for months… :S… 314 more words


Cedar Terrace (3 storey house)

I recently visited the land of smiles, Thailand with one of my main goals,
which was to get a good price on a Sylvanian house, and i was not disappointed. 139 more words


Luxury Master Bedroom Set

After purchasing the Cedar terrace (3 storey house), I realised that the house is actually quite empty,
so i scoured the internet and bought this bedroom set at clearance price. 122 more words


Mivsie's Day

I also make sock monkeys!

¡También hago changos con calcetines!

Today, Mivsie had a lovely day.

Hoy, Mivsie tuvó un día precioso.

First, she woke early and took a walk in the garden. 534 more words