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The Ruining of Flocking

How do you manage to keep your Sylvanians in “Like New” condition?

Everyone who has ever owned or searched for used Sylvanian Families will have noticed a certain thing about them. 330 more words

Enjoy Stories And News About Dolls Figures And Their Collectors!

Little Lady Mae's secret...

Little Lady Mae has a secret. I promised that I would not share it, but I found the topic of her hidden desire far too adorable not to document! 176 more words

Lady Mae

Sarah Takes WA: Day 3

This morning we woke up a bit late, considering the things that we wanted to see today. Due to yesterday’s sun burn, I opted to wear a cardigan over my dress because I didn’t want to burn further. 910 more words


Sarah Takes WA: Day 1 & 2


As some of you might know, on Wednesday, I travelled to WA with two of my friends. Because we are staying for a week and we are trying to fit a lot of things into our days, I thought that it might be fun to document them on my blog :) 683 more words

The most difficult decision of the day!

It is safe to say that Little Lady Mae is a big fan of pampering herself and making the best of her appearance. This vain little rabbit’s favourite part of the day is sitting at her dressing table surrounded by her numerous lotions and potions, beautifying herself for her numerous fans and admirers. 38 more words

Lady Mae

Little Lady Mae's 2014 Adventures

With a New Year just beginning, Little Lady Mae would like to share with you a snapshot of the numerous adventures that she had in 2014. 180 more words

Lady Mae