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The Sylvanian Families move in!

Sylvanian Families are my latest obsession. I initially had one family, but they looked so lonely that I bought some more. Then I felt sorry that they didn’t have a house to live in, so I made one out of the packing box that they arrived in :3 Here they are at the housewarming – although there’s a bit of a conspiracy over the missing furniture!

Sylvanian Families

Dinosaur Attack

The Little Creature #1 sometimes likes to hang out with me during the electrically powered milk extraction process in our bedroom. “Mommy, pump!” He would say. 303 more words


***Updated*** Cedar Terrace (3 storey house)

The 3-storey house is finally done with all DIYs, but as the human was very busy with her job, this post was delayed for months… :S… 314 more words


And to top it all

Fluorine: What have you done Thule?¡
Thule:Me? Nothing¡ Can you speak more quietly please? The children are here…
Fluo:Oh…Thalium,Chlorine… go back home i have to talk with your father. 57 more words