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Sylvania (and Love) on My Mind

I had been dreaming of these for years, and it took a while to make these dreams happen. It seemed like Fate played a big hand in them, as who’d have ever thought I’d be able to go to two of my “bucket” places in one month? 428 more words


Maui Comes Home

Alyeska skated home on her skateboard.

Alyeska patinó a casa en su monopatín.

Mr. Leaf: Oh, Alyeska!  Did you know that Maui is coming home from Finland today? 170 more words

Things I'm Loving

Just borrowed this book from the library. I love the 1920s and this book tells the story of an optimistic and energetic America before the Great Depression… 239 more words


Mivsie's Ear: Part II

Mivsie:  Why does my head hurt? Mivsie:  ¿Porqué duele mi cabeza?

Mivsie awakens in the hospital.

Mivsie se despierta en el hospital.


Dr. SquiggleEyes: Oh, glad to see you awake, Miss Mivsie! 342 more words

A Busy Day for Heidi

This is Heidi Blinker-Mole’s seamstress shop.

Este es Heidi Blinker-Mole’s tienda de costurera.

To get in, you have to enter through the ground floor.

Para alcanzarlo, necesitas entrar por la planta baja. 428 more words

Mivsie's Day

I also make sock monkeys!

¡También hago changos con calcetines!

Today, Mivsie had a lovely day.

Hoy, Mivsie tuvó un día precioso.

First, she woke early and took a walk in the garden. 534 more words