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Movie Review : The Expendables 3

When you put on an Expendables movie, you know to expect a few things. There will be guns, fire, explosions, fights, and a body count. And just like with its predecessors, The Expendables 3 delivers on all of the above in heaping amounts. 394 more words


Gonna Fly Now

If I was to ask you what the greatest all time running scene from the movies was, what would you say? The beach scene in Chariots of Fire? 143 more words


Welcome to Pennsylvania, Mr. McT...Sorry About the Blizzard

Richard Armitage isn’t the only Hobbit cast member to score a new role and head to North America for filming recently. Graham McTavish is currently in Philadelphia… 145 more words

Is It a Wild Bunch or a Dirty Dozen?

 DATELINE: No Golden Pond

Sylvester Stallone’s gathering of elderly action stars in a return to form series called The Expendables was meant to be a satire, tongue-in-cheek fun. 295 more words

Publicist, Premiere, Networking

What a start to the New Year it’s been!

I decided that I have been sitting around on me bum for too long. Upset with the fact that I keep getting told to “Look hot” and to “be around”. 532 more words


Movie Character Cartoon # 7 - Rocky Balboa

Question: Which female movie character do you suggest that I draw into a (wonderful) cartoon form?


I have never actually watched any of the… 217 more words