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▶ Rocky Balboa - The Last Round (2006)

Rocky Balboa (2006) – IMDb.

Rocky 6 is one of the top of all Rocky’s. It shows today’s world and the problems in it. With all the problems faced in today’s world Rocky Balboa emphasized its same theme of going the distance to get what you want in life. 25 more words


Movie time!

Who doesn’t know Sylvester Stallone and Robert de Niro? I think there’s no such a person. Ya anyways, there is a really good movie with both of them! 84 more words


Better Late Than Never Movie Review: Grudge Match

Possible spoilers ahead!

Rocky Balboa and Jake LaMotta are two of the most memorable boxers in film history. A match between the two would have been epic… thirty years ago. 584 more words


Who Was That Masked Man?

Today’s review is for the Sci-Fi movie “Dredd” (2012) starring Karl Urban.  This movie is a remake of “Judge Dredd 490 more words

'Creed' - Rocky spinoff

Written by Giorgio Ramos

Michael B. Jordan, star of 2012′s ‘Chronicle’ and the upcoming ‘Fantasic Four’ reboot is attached to a ‘Rocky’ spinoff project titled ‘Creed’. 417 more words


Grudge Match (2013)

 Review by-Jarrett Leahy

Pittsburgh boxing legends Billy ‘The Kid’ McDonnen and Henry ‘Razor’ Sharp were bitter rivals who split two epic title bouts back in the 1980′s. 710 more words

2013 Film Reviews

Grudge match

This movie was surprisingly entertaining. It branched off to beyond just two guys bashing each other’s face in to a nice backstory. The acting wasn’t bad at all. 47 more words