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Hey Folks

In between of working on commissions again I started to draw another human practice. Inspired by my RP with a friend of mine I just could not stand it and had to combine all characters that where in the RP at the moment. 125 more words



Going down memory lane, I stumbled across something I wrote some years ago… Indeed, a book review about Sylvester’, one of my favorites from… 565 more words


Just because I can... or even not can ;P


Hey Folks

Weeeeell… it’s so damn hot here, that I can’t work seriously on things. Tonight they say there will be thunderstorms and a lot of rain again. 313 more words


Sylvester ve Tweety Boyama

Sylvester ve Tweety Boyama oyununda dünyaca ünlü çizgi film karakterlerimizi çeşitli renklere boyayarak eğlenceli vakit geçirebilirsiniz. Çizgi film karakterlerimiz olan Sylvester ve Tweety'i istediğiniz renkte boyayarak onları birbirlerine kombine halde hazırlayabilirsiniz. Çizgi filmlerde …

Never Let Another Man Look at Your Gun

Sylvester was out hunting squirrel. He was going home with the squirrels he had killed hung on a stick that he carried across his shoulders.He met two men on horseback who stopped him and asked if the hunting was good. 156 more words

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