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50 Shades of Jazz ~ Poet’s Beat ~ 1959 by Gregory Corso Accompanied by Koto Song by Dave Brubeck

I liked reading Corso’s poem on 1959 because it is the complete opposite of what I have learned in the sense of a full life.  Folks like Sylvia Boorstein are the hero’s in my life because her book “Happiness is an Inside Job” where Boorstein begins with an anecdote about a day when her writing was interrupted by a call from a friend with a very ill brother; the effort of consoling her made Boorstein forget what she had been about to write. 533 more words

Being Jazzybeatchick

Compassion for the Asshole Lawyers in Your Life

I imagine your first reaction to the concept of compassion for the asshole lawyers surrounding you is “Are you fucking kidding me? They are making my life a living hell, and I’m supposed to feel sorry for them?” Well, not exactly. 1,410 more words

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