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Fine Arts on Fridays—The arts of vision

“To recapitulate: There are three arts of Being (Fine Arts of Vision, permanent symbols of eternity)
There are four Fine Arts of Expression (symbols of time-eternity) 516 more words


new sounds from old echoes

Yet another mandala…

This one featuring a well-known symbol from Ancient Egypt: the ankh.

I must admit, I still not completely clear on the meaning of this symbol–though I have done a bit of reading. 60 more words

New Age

Test piece for the second in a series on a series about identity and gender

  • traditionally female methodology
  • male dominated sports
  • team rivalry and tribal identity
  • symbolism of colour and sign
  • the potency of symbol to divide and to bring together

The American Poets - She blew a good thing

The exact identity of The American Poets is unclear at the current time. The group was called The Poets in the US but because there was a current Scottish group called The Poets, the release in the UK on London was credited to The American Poets. 56 more words


ebola is metaphor for zombies

US News: “Get Your Ebola Groove On” by Steven Nelson:

“Ebola definitely has the ‘it’ factor for scary disease. It comes from scary dark Africa, monkeys are involved and blood comes out of your eyes.

1,116 more words

Girl's Bestfriend - Diamonds

In buying a ring, it is more important to consider the quality of the stone than the setting; for the stone lasts forever, while the setting may be changed according to the fashion of the time. 82 more words


Dancing With The Meanings: Cheese

Cheese is a metaphor for what you want to have in life—whether it is a good job, a loving relationship, money, a possession, health or peace of mind. 86 more words