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to pick out a cloud and watch it fade away

I am drifting alone in the

submarine of myself,

above the rooftops

and the streets.


I am a speck at 6,000 feet

with no one on the earth

looking up.

I Hope You'll Understand

vessel of love

I made this drawing a few years back, based on a photo found in a picture book. Unfortunately, I don’t recall which ancient culture produced the vessel. 39 more words


Carl Jung on the Symbol of Losing Teeth

To Elined Kotschnig

Dear Mrs. Kotschnig, 16 April 1936

The symbol of losing teeth has the primitive meaning of losing one’s grip because under primitive circumstances and in the animal kingdom, the teeth and mouth are the gripping organ. 217 more words

Letters Volume 1

Symbol: Ferrari 458 Speciale A Spider

The quintessential supercar…

The latest chapter in the continuing saga of Prancing Horse passion is the exciting new Ferrari 458 Speciale A spider. The “A” is for Aperta that roughly translates to ‘open’ which is what this car is all about. 1,372 more words


Just a small taste of stuffing.

Thanksgiving is not my favorite holiday. It’s never been one that my family has ever celebrated. Don’t get me wrong, we are thankful. But we are thankful all year. 837 more words

Zrób to sam#4: Pokryj nóż wzorem

Jest wiele metod personalizacji noży, jedną z najbardziej popularnych są ogonki (w tej roli sprawdzi się chociażby opisywany jakiś czas temu brelok). Inną metodą jest ozdabianie ostrza. 186 more words



Butterflies represent freedom. In many cultures they are symbols of the soul. Their intricate patterns and graceful moves are mesmerising and draw you into a moment with nature, that is both profound and spiritual.

252 more words