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Living for the Day

Life is like the end of a day.

Life is a red blot on the computer screen about to go off…

Life is a familiar cushion consuming your weight into its center so soft… 151 more words


The soulful aspects of surgery

I have talked about the outward aspects of getting ready for hip surgery. However, I have not talked much about what is going on inside my head, much less inside my soul. 1,230 more words

Inez and Charlie Foxx - My momma told me

Inez and Charlie Foxx | Ace Records

Inez Foxx was born on September 9, 1942; her elder brother Charlie Foxx was born on October 23, 1939 and died on September 18, 1998. 25 more words


Christian Artists

There are more to the images than the man in the video teaches.


A Tales of Two Homes

According to Jungian psychology, houses often represent the self in dreams. In my own experience, that interpretation seems entirely plausible. I have often dreamed of houses, even the same house, years apart. 462 more words

Original Nonfiction

Fine Arts on Fridays—the arts as "the sacraments of a natural religion"

Today we begin a new series, Fine Arts on Fridays.  

The fine arts were central to Carl Schmitt’s life and thought, and provided a touchstone not only for his aesthetics, but his ideas on religion, culture, and history, among other topics.   758 more words


17/10/14 Anna Powell Lecture Week2- Semiotics

Semiotics explained

Todays lecture with Anna was based around Semiotics.

Semiotics are the theory which explores how the systems of signs work to make meaning. Signs can be both spoken and  written language, codes or symbols. 933 more words

Design Practice In Context 2