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Sign Hearted

Pave forward love subtle,

Wave then goodbye hello now,

Present shaped future drawn,

Symbol clued sign hearted.



“Never judge a book by its cover.”

We’ve all heard that phrase, usually accompanied by a cacophony of tones, ranging from rather smug and self-righteous to extreme condescension. 558 more words

Masonic Symbolism

Freemasonry is full of symbols, whose meanings are often open to different interpretations. “It’s like an onion,” is how past Quebec Grand Master John Leide describes the many layers of meaning Masonic symbols hold for members. 9 more words


NLP - A Brief Look At Anchoring Submodalities by Sajith T. M.

This article written by Sajith T.M. is brought from EzineArticles.com

Anchoring is a process that connects or anchors memory or other factors to a stimulus. The anchor or stimulus becomes the trigger to the anchored reaction. 592 more words


Passover 2014

In Australia it is Autumn, when energy is contracting, the sap withdrawing to the heart-wood of the tree, when life sleeps, awaiting the coming of the long winter night. 272 more words


Log of the dead 1994-2014 by season, a time-based weaving

“I only wish I would write with both hands, so as not to forget one thing while I am saying another.”
-Teresa de Avila

I began my woven log of the dead beginning with the year 1994, when I first remember losing Darlene Donovan. 331 more words

Heather Emery

choking the axe, 2013

The axe was one of the first simple tools, which held great strength in a tribe. High priestesses were the holders of the two-bit battle-axe in ancient Minoan deification ceremonies. 372 more words

Heather Emery