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It is just a "fair view"

The biggest cemetery in Red Bank, New Jersey, is named Fair View which strikes me as funny. The name chosen is damning by faint praise—the view isn’t bad, it isn’t great, it is just “fair”. 208 more words


Of Signs, Engravings & Symbols

I like doodles and symbols. I like how they are at once decorative and performative: Even though you don’t understand a symbol you encounter there is a definitive indication that someone had an intention when they created it. 343 more words

Frej Von Fräähsen

Spirit Animal Guides

A few days ago, a friend mentioned she had been doing some research on her “spirit animals” and we all briefly laughed about it, but then she explained the animal guide totem. 866 more words


Forces and Objects in Nature

One of the things I’ve been researching lately are the Germanic/Norse runes, specifically the Elder Futhark runic system. An important character in the story I’m writing with my brother uses these runes in both her professional and personal life. 1,154 more words


Looking to the Edge by Mark Fleury

Looking to the Edge


Mark Fleury

Looking to the edge

Of the dawn-tinged mountain

Tops’ cliffed flaming skyscape,

The ladder to the brow of the morning… 270 more words