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The Lastling: Chapter 3 - Analysis

The Iron Dragonfly

by Fiza Kazmi, 8-Red

The title expresses Tahr’s simplicity and innocence where he seems really far-off from the modern world. Strong symbolism is depicted through  the fact that he does not know what a helicopter is and his astonishment. 221 more words



The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want and whom shall I fear? Our lives so priceless, he sacrificed his own, and promised to someday reappear. 228 more words

Unnamed Unknown

Show me the way.
The way to your luminous state.
The place that consumes my eternity.
The never-ending trials of unforgettable dreams.
The holes you fill so effortlessly. 92 more words


Breaking Free of This Illusioned Dream

Awareness is what I seek.

Yet this illusion feels so real to me.

Seeking my own divinity.

Reaching for the God in me.

To change my perception is what I need, 140 more words


Sublime Illumination

Every single day that passes by,
Is another blessing for me to live my life
As time flies by, I am finally starting to see… 257 more words


The Power In Pink Hair

Pink hair has thus far symbolized the punk rock queens of the 80s, the grunge-fiends of the 90s, pop stars experiencing psychosis in the aughts, and now the queens of the Top 40 charts have taken ownership.

956 more words
Pink Hair

Monthly Symbol, February 2015: Gordian Knot Solved

Gordian Knot

“In Greek and Roman mythology, the Gordian knot was an extremely complicated knot tied by Gordius, the king of Phrygia in Asia Minor*. Located in the city of Gordium, the knot came to symbolize a difficult problem that was almost impossible to solve. 375 more words