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With Easter less than a week away spring serendipity is truly in the air! At ImageChef we’re keeping the creative wheels turning 24/7 to ensure you have all the creative outlets you could possibly need to celebrate in style. 121 more words


The Visual Information about YOU

Communication researchers have shown that within a fraction of a second of meeting someone, even before individuals open their mouths, people have already started to decide about who you are. 441 more words

Visual Thinking

Animal Spirit Messengers: The Owl

 Owls are often seen as reserved symbols of wisdom. They wait patiently for understanding to dawn on you; they may lead you to the answer, but you yourself must recognise it. 92 more words


Symbol: The Spiral

The Spiral is perhaps one of the oldest symbols in constant use, one that is also found naturally occurring in nature. This symbol is often used to represent the universe as well as cycles in perpetual motion, such as the cycle of  life, death and rebirth. 22 more words