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News in the "Pursuit of Happiness".

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To make easier for you to find topics that you are interested in I continue to add pages. 108 more words


Hearing with your eyes

So far, I have discussed how publishing is a a system formed by continuously changing actors which, in the end, both reflects (through archiving our reality) and changes our world. 385 more words


One of our church members went to France with her family this summer, and upon her return, she swung by my office.  We hugged and chatted a bit, and then she pulled this symbol out of her purse, telling me that it was prevalent on their trip and asking, “Can you guess what Bible text this represents?” 440 more words

The Color of Emperors

In western culture, the color that is traditionally associated with emperors is purple, a special kind of reddish purple that was discovered over 3,000 years ago on the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea. 235 more words


Reverting to type

Peter Dawson The Field Guide to Typography:
typefaces in the urban landscape

Thames & Hudson 2013

Nowadays our familiarity with typefaces derives from the choices we have when writing electronic documents, such as Arial, Book Antiqua, Comic Sans, Courier New, Lucida Console, Palatino Linotype, Times New Roman, Verdana and so on. 756 more words


Symbols by Blair Gaulton

Most symbols have meaning
for some are appealing
Irregardless of whether we like them or not.
(C) BJG (Blair Gaulton)Sept 2014

Blair Gaulton

Beauty in the Tech Age Part 1

The notion of beauty is one of those cyclical arguments; we will never have a universal set of rules that defines beauty.

The reason for this is really not too complicated – we are all individuals and culturally diverse. 310 more words

Visual Thinking