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Intuitive Medicine

In moments like these, when I am unable to imagine the uncertainty I experience, I turn to the one thing I know will accept me: a mysterious book. 655 more words


Drawing Sounds


Drawing Sounds

By Nandy Ekle

Several years ago (ten? fifteen?) We watched a movie called The 13th Warrior. Made from a book by Michael Crichton, it’s the story of an Arabian man who was exiled for having an affair with the wife of an influential noble. 351 more words


Black, the Color of Opposites

Black has been favored by monks, princes, pirates, anarchists, judges, fascists and fashionistas, just to name a few contrasting groups. It is the color that was a color and stopped being one when Newton analyzed light. 574 more words


surrealism and symbolism: the rise of a fire whirpool

Symbolism and surrealism in this digital artwork. The fire is also a symbol of streght and it is one of the basic elements. We see a fire flame triggering with its strenght a fire whirpool. 20 more words

Digital Art

A Morning to Open My Eyes!

Today’s Journey Tarot Card of the Day 7-30-14

Awareness. Be conscious of your surroundings. The card says.

Definitely would describe how my morning has been going. 235 more words


My next tattoo

I think it’s time for my next tattoo.

I like tats, but I only get them when they have meaning. OK, ok, so the butterfly tramp stamp just means I turned 18, but my other one is a very carefully crafted symbol of my kids. 56 more words


Icons enhance usability and understanding

Myth: Icons enhance usability and understanding

In my very first post, I wrote:

(I will speak to symbols later, as they are based on cultural experience and are not as universally understood as Windows 8 thinks they are.) Most of the problems that exist within human relationships exist due to one party not understanding the communication of the other.   518 more words