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Feeling sorry for myself

It so awkward between us now you won’t even make eye contact with me, it is so strange we used to be so close and now we are so distant we refuse to even acknowlegde each other. 82 more words

Mindless clouds

charged with chargeless ambition
rains set to bear not in you
ambitious proactive longs hidden
barren colours over your face

your heartless self sleeks
on veinless pod of oars… 16 more words


Where's kindness?

I’ve been angry these past couple of weeks after I heard about Robin Williams’ suicide. My anger is not directed at him but at those who were callous enough to call him selfish, cowardly or worse for choosing when to leave the world. 607 more words

Sympathy Cards

There are a few kinds of cards you should always have on hand…birthday’s, thank you’s, and unfortunately, sympathy cards.  I needed two just this week.  Life can be hard, and it can be sad.  75 more words


Sand Dollar Sympathy Card

Trying to fill up the sympathy section in my card basket. Of course, as soon as I finished this one, I found out I needed to mail one to a friend. 76 more words

Stampin' Up!


It’s suicide Tuesday, I feel low and sick, I’m blue, I’m close to the edge. See yesterday I came back from a festival. You know how it goes, you survive on little sleep or food and lots of caffeine tablets and cigarettes for three days, completely alter your notion of reality, and then try and slide back into your life again. 1,074 more words


"Nobody Feels Sorry for Me"

I can think of only one person in the Bible who said something like that.  “… And there is none of you that is sorry for me….”  It was Saul, in I Samuel 22:8.   96 more words

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