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Help for the Ailing

Wondering what to bring to or do for an ailing loved one or someone on the mend? Don’t hold back showing your concern;  here are some things to consider: 433 more words

Postcards from the Great War 41

Artist – Douglas Tempest, Published by Bamforth & Co.

“Witty Comic” Series No. 660 (?)

Sent from Scarborough on 28th June 1918 and franked Buy National War Bonds

First World War

My Sympathy

You hang up the phone in shock, another tragedy. First it was your cousin’s family, then your neighbors, now your best friend. It’s part of life you know, but you so wish you could make it easier for them, help them through the sadness you know the upcoming days will bring. 164 more words


Guilt, Empathy, and Preference

Why do we act like we respect people? Why don’t we go around thieving and murdering to get what we want?

A complete sociopath, or an economist, might point to external incentives and note that the negative repercussions of crime far outweigh the benefits. 1,259 more words

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Yearning for sympathy

So something very profound occurred in the duration of two days. On giving some advice, and being left with the impression this advice would be used, i was very happy with the out come of some irregular events. 368 more words


A Letter to Everyone

Don’t tl:dr this. It’s important. To whom, you may ask? Everyone, that’s who.

Dear everyone,

A conversation is not a competition. If someone has had a bad day or a bad experience and wants to talk to you about it, listen to them. 615 more words

Isn't it ironic, don't you think?

When it comes to consoling and soothing friends, most of us are pros. We bring out the positives in them, we normalize disastrous situations, we bring in humour, we talk about life lessons and life experiences, we empathise, we listen, we are emotionally available, and we’re just generally nice. 699 more words