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The Gerard Doustraat Synagogue in Amsterdam, opened in 1892 survived the Holocaust to be reopened after Liberation Day and finally restored to its original shape in the early 1990′s. 19 more words


caution in discussion of violence amidst propaganda, provocation and fear

Because of local community choices, I have been reluctant to discuss violence against the cultural property of minority communities in Ukraine.

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An Idol in the Holy of Holies (Song of Songs)

R. Akiva called the Song of Songs the Holy of Holies. And there the Beloved is, in this image-rich picture of a human-not-so-human presence in the midst of the garden sanctum –head, arms, torso, legs, made up of bright precious metals and stones. 156 more words


Our Abbreviated Czech List

As the Mrs. mentioned previously, our flight to Washington Dulles was delayed and so we missed a connection and lost a night in Prague. ¬†After it was determined we’d be a day late, I emailed our hotel to explain that we would be slightly delayed and we set about re-organizing the trip the Mrs. 2,081 more words

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Village of Healing

Bat Ayin is a smallish village in the West bank, just South of Jerusalem. It is populated entirely by religious Jews, and founded by newly religious Jews in 1967, on land acquired in the 1900′s. 1,010 more words

Same as it Ever Was: Anti-Semitism in the Ukraine

I am a Jew. I was confirmed in the Episcopal Church, attended a Jesuit college, know The Lord’s Prayer and The Nicene Creed by heart and have never been inside a synagogue for any other purpose besides watching a friend or relative get bar or bat mitzvahed, but still I am a Jew. 960 more words

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