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Discovering the Creator of a Series: Liz Wolfe

Liz spends most of her time doing freelance work and her personal project since she graduated in May of 2014. She was an Interactive Multimedia (IMM) major with a Fine Arts minor at The College of New Jersey. 421 more words


LEFT FOR RED, Synapse, Twisted Species @Fixxion Warehouse Project, Wolverhampton 14/11/14

Twisted Species bill themselves as grunge tunes with metal grooves. That’s fair enough as descriptions go. Opening salvo “Innocence Lost” is a confident beginning and “Here I Stand” is Pearl Jam with a harder edge. 530 more words

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DVD Review: Vinegar Syndrome's Christmas Evil - Lewis Jackson

I can’t vouch for other folks, but once I got out of my early to mid teens, I just could no longer stomach all those crappy Rankin Bass puppet-fests, maudlin Frank Capra and Dickens “sentimental favorites” and all that bullsh*t about how wonderful it is to get the family together.  1,067 more words

Third Eye Cinema Podcast

Proper usage of Futures in parallel calculations

I’m implementing an algorithm that can be easily parallelized but can’t figure out how to create a proper number of futures and how to abort early. 111 more words

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deadlines. new photo gear. faceless people passing by.

fleeting scents bring some colour to the words and figures; slogging through a Sunday no less.

deadlines. new photo gear.


Scientists identify proteins responsible for synapse-vesicle fusion.

While neurons rapidly propagate information in their interior via electrical signals, they communicate with each other at special contact points known as the synapses. Chemical messenger substances, the neurotransmitters, are stored in vesicles at the synapses. 721 more words


Extending Enumeration

I’ve implemented a method withNameOption that returns None if the enumeration member with specific name is not found but I have trouble extracting it to a trait to use it for all the enumerations in the app. 57 more words

Recent Questions - Stack Overflow