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A NEW song for your brain

In a depressed mind, neurotransmitters do not work properly. Often the problem is complicated by the fact that neural pathways that have already been formed are often the “go-to” route because they have been used so much. 208 more words



Synapse is a semantic launcher for ubuntu that enables you to launch applications or find files/documents quickly using Zeitgeist Engine (a service that logs user activity and events, so it helps Synapse in searching stuffs semantically). 99 more words


[Synapse Films] "Prom Night" (1980) Blu-ray Review

For the longest time, I’ve maintained that I’ve never actually seen 1980’s Prom Night. I had, of course, viewed the film on various VHS tapes and DVDs, but each transfer seemed even worse than the last, with much of the film being virtually unwatchable due to dark haziness. 520 more words


Cranial Caucus: confusing conundrums of consciousness

Cranial Caucus

Don Ray

Copyright 2007

Self-awareness, thoughts arising from within the self, objective-external sensory inputs, the self’s filtering and perception of those external inputs, dictated-genetically programmed thoughts and behaviors, randomly firing neurons and synapses, reactions and automatic responses, and somewhere in that cacophony, the whispering of the Holy Spirit?! 658 more words



A Synapse is the small gap between two adjacent neurons.


The synaptic process

  • When electrical impulses reach the dendrites, it triggers the release of neurotransmitter in vesicles.
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Developing a Successful iOS App

According to a recent study, it has been found that in case of Apple apps 90% of the revenue gets generated from only 10% of the applications available on the Apple App Store. 357 more words

Synapseindia Reviews

Interactive Exhibit Design Part 2 - Music and the Museum

This is the second blog post in a series that features projects complete as part of last Winter’s Interactive Exhibit Design course. These three projects allowed visitors to interact with an exhibit through movement and music. 182 more words