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Researchers identify link between diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease.

Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) recently found that an immune-system protein called MHCI, or major histocompatibility complex class I, moonlights in the nervous system to help regulate the number of synapses, which transmit chemical and electrical signals between neurons. 979 more words



Mein Freund, der Ex-Banker, sagt Anna ist nicht sein Fall. Anna sagt vice versa und knufft ihn hart am Arm. Einmal zusammen in einer Bar und so was von einer anderen Auffassung von Spaß. 388 more words

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And warmth flowed down every vein

Into every crevice, every crack

Suture, spark, synapse

That was all it took

And there was love again.


Meet the Brain-Inspired Computer Chip

Dr. Dharmendra Modha led Project SyNAPSE Lab to create a technology that, someday soon, will transform these possibilities into reality. Inspired by the cognitive functioning of the human brain, Modha and his team created a chip that can meld the “left brain” capabilities of our current computers with “right brain” capabilities – like comprehending visual imagery, spatial awareness, and interpreting speech. 57 more words

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Install Synapse on Ubuntu 14.04

Synapse is an amazing little tool that I now systematically install when I have a fresh version of Ubuntu on my computer. It allows the user to search very quickly for an app to launch, a file to open or even to search something on the Internet. 215 more words

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A NEW song for your brain

In a depressed mind, neurotransmitters do not work properly. Often the problem is complicated by the fact that neural pathways that have already been formed are often the “go-to” route because they have been used so much. 208 more words