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Scientists identify proteins responsible for synapse-vesicle fusion.

While neurons rapidly propagate information in their interior via electrical signals, they communicate with each other at special contact points known as the synapses. Chemical messenger substances, the neurotransmitters, are stored in vesicles at the synapses. 721 more words


Extending Enumeration

I’ve implemented a method withNameOption that returns None if the enumeration member with specific name is not found but I have trouble extracting it to a trait to use it for all the enumerations in the app. 57 more words


Case classes, persistence and Play forms

Over the course of creating a basic application using Play and Anorm I’ve encountered a problem when dealing with entities not yet saved to database. The form obviously doesn’t have a field for ID so I can’t create a mapping using the case class… 113 more words


Bipolar Disorder discovery at the nano level for the first time.

A nano-sized discovery by Northwestern Medicine scientists helps explain how bipolar disorder affects the brain and could one day lead to new drug therapies to treat the mental illness. 341 more words


Researchers identify link between diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease.

Researchers from Princeton University and the University of California-San Diego (UCSD) recently found that an immune-system protein called MHCI, or major histocompatibility complex class I, moonlights in the nervous system to help regulate the number of synapses, which transmit chemical and electrical signals between neurons. 979 more words



Mein Freund, der Ex-Banker, sagt Anna ist nicht sein Fall. Anna sagt vice versa und knufft ihn hart am Arm. Einmal zusammen in einer Bar und so was von einer anderen Auffassung von SpaƟ. 388 more words

Brain Stuff


And warmth flowed down every vein

Into every crevice, every crack

Suture, spark, synapse

That was all it took

And there was love again.