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A silent Star Wars? 50% less entertaining...

A lot of people we speak to (outside the industry) assume that music synch is limited to TV production and movies. Both you and we know that it isn’t. 796 more words


Dae Bogan's "Music Publishing & Copyright Administration in the Internet Age" Workshop at the Indpendent Music Conference in Los Angeles on October 25th

I am excited to return to the Independent Music Conference to teach a workshop on music publishing and copyright administration. The “Music Publishing & Copyright Administration in the Internet Age” workshop will cover basic music publishing and copyright administration from the perspective of a DIY independent artist. 127 more words

Making synch work: the 5 essentials

Over the last year we’ve been working with more and more indie companies who want to make synch work better for them. If you’d like to do the same but find the world of synch a daunting and confusing place (which it often is), check out our 5 essential tips: 799 more words


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I am up early this morning with my mother. We have been sharing the same bed for 2 months now. Her early risings and walking around irks me to no ends when I am trying to sleep. 39 more words