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Try not get worried

Over the past few days, the pain in my abdomen started getting sharper and more frequent.

Another friend passed away this weekend from cancer, triggering my concern about whether this pain was just another blip in the road or a milestone. 504 more words




It’s day four of the fourth month. Whenever this day comes around, I am always reminded that it was the birthday of the chick I had a crush on for four years (I resent this). 269 more words

Every little action helps (or, where is my rosary and how do I say one anyway?)

A former student traveled to Rome and bought a rosary for me at the Vatican. Not only was I incredibly touched that this eight-year-old girl would think of me during her vacation, she also selected a beautiful set of wooden rosary beads that feels lovely to hold. 714 more words


The Great Divide

I finally traded in my 10-year-old car for a new one. My old car was pretty basic. It didn’t have keyless entry, fancy radio access, GPS, Bluetooth, or the ability to play my iPhone music through the car speakers. 327 more words


So next lesson on the agenda..... SYNCHRONICITY

Synchronicity comes from the word ‘chronos’ which means time and sychronos which means occurring at the same time. It is a concept that Carl Jung (love this guy!) came up with which basically means a perceived meaningful coincidence. 259 more words


True Tree Mystery

I am going to relate this exactly as it occured, without explaination or apology.

I was going for a walk,

as I often do,

And was parambulating down a lovely tree lined street on a summery Los Angeles February day, 495 more words


Being cared for and carried

Last week, we got to travel to VT for skiing, snowboarding and, my personal favorite activity, visits with friends. They invited us for dinner, which included a chicken and chickpea soup in a thick broth. 441 more words