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German Expressionistic Dream- #Dreamshare: 12/12/14

A few nights ago I had a very interesting dream, very short but interesting. The interesting part about this dream was that everything appeared in dark colours like black, grey, white, brown(s), etc. 346 more words


Unknown obstacles....and graces

Many people remember the date they received their cancer diagnosis. I’m not so great with remembering dates (even birthdays) but related events and time of year do evoke memories. 1,211 more words


Miracles here and there

Thank you for all the prayers and energy you sent my way. I did well these two weeks – even helping out with one son’s Thanksgiving snacks at school and having a warm and fun Thanksgiving Day and weekend with family and friends. 503 more words


#Dreamshare 11/29/14- Old childhood dreams: Black Cloud Nightmare

          When I was a little girl, I used to get a lot of storm/tsunami  related dreams. They used to frighten me because they felt so real, like as if they were happening then and there.   277 more words


Moving to Colorado

My husband and I moved to Colorado in October of 2012. We relocated from Chandler, Arizona as we were tired of all the traffic, congestion, and hot summers. 382 more words


Expecting Miracles and Synchronicities ... Plugging In

I went out of town this weekend, and I drove past a friend of mine’s exit on the interstate. I drive by there all the time, especially when I was go to and from Memphis. 1,116 more words


How to best spend time?

Thank you so very much for your prayers and positive thoughts. This round, I had an amazing string of days where I felt good and my energy was great. 545 more words