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All over the place

I have my mum on the phone. It must be the 6th time today. That is not usual; it is just one of these days. I have been freaking out over living a life that, at this moment, has no fixed framework. 223 more words

For The Non-Dutchies

What's The Best Way To Get There?

What’s the best way to get from where you are to where you want to be?

Start moving in the right direction.

* It doesn’t really matter how fast you’re going if you’re heading in the wrong direction.  100 more words


Happy New Year -- September is the real beginning...

This is the first day of school and it is still my New Year. I have started a new cycle each September for as long as I can remember. 335 more words


Return of the Unwelcomed...

Silently it sleeps, waiting.
Waiting for its chance.
Chance to take over when defences are down.
Down they are, and then the return.
Return of the unwelcomed. 466 more words


It's been a while in coming

So here’s the thing: What if God does not want to face the truth? Who is going to force her? I mean, let’s get real. I don’t know many people who would brave the wrath and fury of the godhead. 42 more words


Coincidence or Divinely Guided, Part 2

In my previous post entitled “Coincidence or Divinely Guided?” I asked you if you believed in divine intervention, or whether you attributed significantly related events to coincidence. 1,083 more words

Be Inspired

Update: Guiding Symbols - White Feather

Here is an update to my earlier post Guiding Symbols: White Feather, in which I shared that I have picked white feather as my guiding symbol while joining in Linda´s play…

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