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Synchronicity: Language of the Universe

Synchronicity is the language the universe uses to communicate with us. All our wishes and desires that we mentally transmit to the universe find response and we will attract people and experiences according to what we hoped for. 322 more words


The law of unintended consequences

I had to look up the meaning of the acronym, MILF.

It seems pretty demeaning to both parties, one hesitates to apply it, but it’s an entirely accurate description of my feelings toward my mother’s friend Melissa. 1,011 more words

Backpacking In Thailand

The Universe Kicks ARSE!!

Over the weekend, I absentmindedly mentioned to the husband that I should set a date for the grand opening of the One Soul Everything Reiki Clinic… 156 more words

Energy Healing

Christine's Chronicles: Quick! Call the Police - Top 10 Police Hits

Get the Police! There’s a “Sting” Operation Going Down

by Christine Lorraine
May 7, 2009


Get the police, there’s a “sting” operation going down. Actually, it’s more of a “Sting” admiration.No matter how much time passes, listening to the Police still injects a healthy dose of liveliness into my everyday life. 1,817 more words

The Star of Seven

I was at an estate sale earlier today and I found this little wooden bookmark hiding away in a corner that really intrigued me. I picked it up and read on the back something about The Star of Seven Day. 543 more words

Learning To Live Again

The Gift of a Quiet Day

I’ve been on the move, busy and a bit under the weather for a few weeks, it seems. The mental and physical weight of moving around so much (while being busy) and not knowing what’s next and all of that, mixed with not really feeling well — that sore throat came on just before my birthday, which was now 12 days ago — has left me more than ready for some full-on down time. 467 more words

Of Banality and Bacteria

Some people are offended by banality and theology, which puzzles me, because God often speaks to us in banal things. Most of us don’t live a glamorous life, full of marble temples and highly intellectual pursuits with the world’s greatest minds. 272 more words