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Thread Basics

What are Threads?

  1. Threads are smallest unit of execution in a program. It is similar to process but a process can have many threads.
  2. Same address space is shared among all the Threads.
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Executor Service - part 2 [ThreadPoolExecutor Example]

Here, we are creating fixed size thread pool of 5 worker threads. Then we are submitting 10 jobs to this pool, since the pool size is 5, it will start working on 5 jobs and other jobs will be in wait state and will be added in queue. 1,012 more words


Executor Service Part 1

ExecutorService is an interface that extends Executor class and represents an asynchronous execution. It provides us mechanisms to manage the end and detect progress of the asynchronous tasks… 795 more words


PLM: from sync to link

Data has an important place in our life. Shopping lists, calendars, emails, websites, family photos, trip videos, documents, etc. We want our data to be well organized and easy to find. 765 more words

Daily PLM Think Tank


This is the sequence of degrees of primitive groups which don’t synchronize a map of rank 3, equivalently graphs with clique number and chromatic number 3 having primitive automorphism groups. 72 more words

Open Problems


I am in Lisbon working with João Araújo and Wolfram Bentz on synchronization.

We say that a permutation group G on the set {1,…n} synchronizes… 713 more words

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