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Synchronization By Example


Why we need this?

Let us consider a case: You have an account and you hold two ATMs.Your friend has one ATM card from them. 1,104 more words


Guitar Techniques - Synchronization

Having a pair of hands that talk to each other fluently is a fundamental part of playing the guitar. Most of the time, one hand will pick a note that the other is fretting which isn’t much of a problem at slower speeds, but when the going gets quicker, all hell can break loose if your hands aren’t synchronized. 356 more words

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How to set up automatic synchronization in Resco’s mobile CRM client for Dynamics CRM

Let’s talk some auto sync.

Automatic synchronization in Resco Mobile CRM is a background synchronization that kicks in either when you start the app, when you change the data, or after a defined period of time. 305 more words

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[Linux] What happens if process crashes while holding a shared lock?


A Multi-thread & Multi-process safe shared library is using a shared Semaphore/Mutex/Spinlock for entering into a critical section. This shared library will be linked by many applications(processes) in the system. 449 more words


Multithreading basics

Multi-Threading :

1. There are two ways to create thread.
a) By Extending Thread class.
b) By Implementing Runnable interface.(Advantage is that we can extend one class as well) 1,031 more words


Thread Synchronization in C to print Even & Odd numbers

A simple program in C using pthreads where two threads are used to print even and odd numbers respectively. These threads wait on condition variable till other thread signals it to start. 274 more words

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Getting out of your head really helps you get into your heart.

In the second week of chemo (last week), I am in such a fog, I try so hard to think. 599 more words

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