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Hearing with your eyes

So far, I have discussed how publishing is a a system formed by continuously changing actors which, in the end, both reflects (through archiving our reality) and changes our world. 385 more words

( Tổng hợp moment ) Sự đồng bộ đến đáng sợ của ChanBaek

Author : Linni

Đây là bài viết đầu tiên của au nên có gì không chuẩn thì mọi người cứ tự nhiên góp ý. Au nhận hết ạ :P… 779 more words


Exclude AD disable user in SharePoint user profile import

Please go through following steps for exclude disable user in SharePoint user profile import.

  1. Go to your Central Admin website
  2. Go to “Application Management”
  3. Go to “Service Applications -> Manage Service Applications”
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Q69. Define Synchronization.

Q69. Define Synchronization.

Ans. Process synchronization is required when one process must wait for another to complete some operation before proceeding.

Are you Ready for a BPC Upgrade?

At some point all software will be upgraded to take advantage of new features, new technology, and/or to keep in synchronization with other software which has been upgraded. 38 more words


Periodically synchronize time in Linux

We will use the ntp and ntpdate packages to achieve this.
These packages should already be installed on most linux systems. If not you can install them by using the below… 197 more words


Static Synchronize Methods/ Blocks

Synchronized Static Methods/Blocks:
When this comes we think where will locking will happen on Class or Object?
But locking happens at class level so all the methods which are synchronized as well as static will not get called at the same time means will be called in synchronized manner. 629 more words