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Interrupt Service Routines in Céu

An Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) executes in reaction to an asynchronous hardware request, interrupting the ongoing computation in the CPU.
As an example, in an Arduino, whenever the USART subsystem receives a byte from the serial line, the CPU execution is redirected to the “USART_RX interrupt vector”, which is a predefined memory address containing the ISR to handle the byte received. 592 more words


Higher-level abstractions for thread synchronization in Java

You already understand the low-level concurrency constructs (such as the use of the synchronized keyword, Runnable interface, and Thread classfor creating threads). In the case of a shared resource that needs to be accessed by multiple threads, access and modifications to the shared resource need to be protected. 50 more words

More on PowerShell multithreading via runspace pools

It turned out to be easier to write the Lock-Object function than it was to test it.

There has been some great work done on figuring out the use of Runspaces for multithreading by the PowerShell community over the past couple of years (by… 574 more words


OneNote Synchronization Problems With SharePoint

I’ve been having lots of problems connecting to my OneNote notebooks that are published to SharePoint.

Specifically what will happen is that I get the OneNote message for a password, click on the message to open the dialog, enter my credentials, then it fails. 135 more words


More Animating Gears in PowerPoint

This is a followup to an earlier post on drawing and animating gears. You might want to review that post before reading this one.

A reader asked me how to make the gears appear one by one while the gears turned. 756 more words


One thing that you can do only with a reference type

What in your opinion possible to do only with reference type and no with value type without explicit boxing?

What the fact of derived from object that give all reference type some ability that value types don’t have? 189 more words


Dub step wow

I came across this video and had to post it. Enjoy the perfect synchronization between the music and the performers.

On musical terms lets say that dubstep generally features syncopated drum and percussion patterns with bass lines that contain prominent sub bass frequencies. 39 more words