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There’s A Place In The Caribbean Sun

Last Friday night I went to an American Rumba class. This was the same class that I went to on the 4th, but it was my first time back to the class since then so I was a bit unsure how much I had missed. 1,506 more words


Syncopation: simple but misunderstood.

One of the recurring themes in our discussions is the concept of syncopation in music. Syncopation occurs frequently in Argentine tango and is one of the characteristic elements of the sound. 265 more words


Making Sense of Nancy: Part 1

*I plan on adding specific citations to this post in the future.

For today’s post I thought I would do something a little different. Rather than do a little free-writing about an… 1,000 more words

Jean-Luc Nancy

Week 7 - Rhythmic Elements, Subdivisions and Syncopation

In my book series The Tao of Time and Groove I discuss the unifying quality that subdivisions have on a musical group as well as the impact that heard and subliminal subdivisions have on the feel of a performance, whether solo, group or orchestral. 116 more words


Hillsong Music - Cult of the Devil

While I do not agree with David J. Stewart’s beliefs on origins and a few other things, this article about the cultic pop music infesting churches in America and around the world is spot-on.  1,556 more words
Jesus Christ