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Friday 17 October 2014

“Love the life you live, and live the life you love.”
Bob Marley 172 more words

Daily Thoughts...

On Drumming

For some, it’s the wail of guitars or the voice.
For some it’s all about the bass, ’bout the bass.
For me, though, it’s rhythm. And that comes from the destructive, half-mad, wide-eyed beast at the back of the stage. 158 more words


Simplifying Lead Vocal Rhythm in a Chorus

The Essential Secrets of Songwriting” 6 e-Book Bundle is being used by thousands of songwriters to solve their songwriting dilemmas. Comes with a 7th free eBook, “From Amateur to Ace: Writing Songs Like a Pro.” 392 more words



I could either riot or Krump.

I could tear apart the neighborhoods which belong to you and me …

I could obliterate your business … 303 more words

The Carmina Quartet

So, I don’t just hop on youtube and search for string quartets, but I’m studying about Haydn in my Music History class, and I came across this video of one of his more famous quartets. 49 more words


What are meter, accent and syncopation?

It could be argued that pulse is the most fundamental, even primal, element of music. This would be due to the time keeper in your chest. 367 more words


This word has been rolling around my head for days now. I don’t know if anyone else ever gets that, but I will often have words roll around my brain, not really doing anything except providing some kind of mantric sound track to my inner landscape. 230 more words