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SYNCOPE in deficiency state

SYNCOPE in deficiency state
Medical term for sudden fainting, pallor, cold limbs and is precisely defined as a transient loss of consciousness manifest syncope, characterized by rapid onset, short duration and spontaneous recovery due to global cerebral hypo-perfusion that most often results from hypotension and are often resulted from emotional excitement, fright or debilitating and overstriking. 479 more words


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HLTH 320: Sudden Illnesses

Main causes for a decrease in a person’s alertness/responsiveness are brain injury and lack of oxygen or glucose reaching the brain.

STOP = Sugar (blood glucose too low or too high), Seizures, Stroke, Shock; Temperature; Oxygen; Poisoning, Pressure on brain… 246 more words

Advanced First Aid & Safety (HLTH 320)

That is today’s search criteria.  I will admit, I have limited time, so I will probably only view a page or two.  I fully understand that when I do a search that corporations will be my top listed options (there are SEO wizards out there!).  503 more words


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