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What follows is a case out of our own ED:


My POTS medication story: beta-blockers, Ivabradine and a happy ending

What were you doing on Valentine’s Day this year? Normally it skips right past me but this year it marked quite an important moment in my journey to treat my POTS symptoms. 1,497 more words


Out of Sync

I have had a seven-year streak of NOT having to take a child to the emergency room. Pretty impressive, right? Today, that streak was broken. 1,019 more words

Middle Age

Gravity and why it's a bitch

So, I’ve had a few people ask about my blog’s title, “Gravity’s a Bitch.” For the POTSies out there, I’m guessing you already know, but for everyone else, let me take a moment to explain. 874 more words


The Foreword to.....A Truely Ridiculous Story...

I never know how to tell this story because it sounds so ridiculous every time I tell it.    Allow me to back up a bit so the picture is a bit more clear and a little ‘less’ ominous, if that is truly possible. 202 more words

The Fight

I have climbed that mountain. I have beat the fighter. I have won. Finally.

Today was the big shadowing day, and I have never been so nervous in my whole life. 236 more words



In this wild digital world
something vanished
and later some thing appeared in its place;
a garden for a laboratory.
How is it time always wins? 43 more words