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Speaking on ETL Security

I will be giving a presentation on ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) security at two user groups in the coming weeks.

Securing the ETL Pipeline

We’re going to look at typical ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) pipelines and consider the weak points an attacker might go after. 109 more words


What Elite Athletes Can Teach You About Dealing With Pressure

How do competitors deliver top performance when so much is riding on a single movement?

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4 Books to Map Your Path to Greater Success

If like to read for escape, read these books to escape to the next level.

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Hot vs Cold: A Temperature-Based Approach to Conflict Resolution

Work conflicts are inevitable regardless of the size of the team. At your office, perhaps the marketers and developers can’t agree on a launch date. Or as a freelancer, perhaps an irate client is strong-arming you into another round of design revisions.  400 more words


Dress Well and Leave the 'Umms' at Home -- 5 Ways to Ace an Investor Pitch

There’s one thing worse than watching an entrepreneur crumble under a fatal barrage of questions.

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14 Tips For Getting Busy People To Read And Respond To Your Emails

A reader recently asked us how to get people to acknowledge her emails.

To fulfill her request, here’s the distillation of what we’ve learned about clicky emails. 430 more words


The 21 Coolest Small Businesses In Toronto

Canada’s most populous city may be known for the CN Tower, its crack-smoking mayor, and a slew of odd nicknames, including Hogtown, Queen City, T-Dot, and Hollywood North. 364 more words