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On music

We are driving to school. The radio is tuned, as usual, to Radio 2, the station that serves as the compromise between what I want to listen to (BBC Radios 4 and 6) and what F and EB want to listen to (Capital FM). 552 more words


Synesthesia: Numbers - to - Color ( 字 - 颜色 ) & Sound - to - Color ( 音声 – 颜色 )

Maureen Seaberg – A synesthete experiencing the form of Grapheme and Chromesthesia. 

She wrote a book on “Tasting the Universe”, which might reveal more information for my understanding and research in this area. 85 more words


Knowledge comes from our senses

I listen to colors – Artist Neil Harbisson

As I was researching around for Synesthesia related work, I found this video on Nel Harbisson. I think it is really interesting how Nel, not a synesthete overcome his color blind issue, that is to “hear” colors. 153 more words


My Two Senses: Abandoned Atonement

I have synesthesia. “What is this?” you may ask. Well, the OED (one of my favourite places, clearly) defines the condition as the “production, from a sense-impression of one kind, of an associated mental image of a sense-impression of another kind” (“synaesthesia,” n., definition 1.c). 1,028 more words


The Specific Taste of Light

These fragments I have shored against my ruins —T.S. Eliot

Where there is ruin, there is hope for treasure. —Rumi

You cannot dim a harvest of stars. 1,822 more words

Creative Non-Fiction

Synesthesia: Sound -to - Color ( 音声-颜色 )


” My art project explained what Synesthesia entails and gave a glimpse into the mind of someone who experiences this phenomena (me). I used my color-sound associations to create these videos. ” by Chris Cerrato.




Synesthesia Aspects

Above illustrates the field that touches on synesthesia. As covered from the previous post, the possibilities of senses in combination can be filed under neurology in the science field.  72 more words