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Synaesthesia, mix of the senses

Synaesthesia (also spelled Synesthesia) is: “… a joining together of sensations that are normally experienced separately. Studying synaesthesia may help us to understand how the brain segregates and integrates different sensations and thoughts.” - 

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Taking the Synesthesia Battery

Before I get started, I want to thank ndsenseandsex for mentioning The Synesthesia Battery on Tumblr and inspiring this week’s Take a Test Tuesday post. 786 more words

Take A Test Tuesday

Synesthesia Helps Explain Mysterious Spelunker's Illusion

Why some people believe they can see their hands in total darkness

Many people swear by the so-called spelunker’s illusion, in which they think they can see their own hands moving even in the total absence of light. 341 more words


Music as Painting

Music is very visual to me.  I imagine it is to a lot of people.  When I hear different kinds of music it is almost like going to an expansive art museum and seeing works of art from all different time periods.  438 more words

Struck by Genius by Jason Padgett & Maureen Seaberg. Review & Giveaway

You can win a copy of Struck by Genius by leaving a comment below by 16th April 2014 (UK only unfortunately).

Struck by Genius is the story of what happened after Jason Padgett was violently mugged and left with a head injury. 502 more words


Synesthesia: hearing colour, seeing sound

Synesthesia is a neurological phenomenon where one sensory experience is automatically accompanied by another. The most common is color synesthesia and chromesthesia.

Colour synesthesia is where for example letters, numbers or weekdays gets a colour automatically “attached”. 342 more words


On sound and memory

It’s said that scent is our most vital memory retrieval agent. If that’s so, then it seems to me that sound must be running a millimeter or so behind in a close second place. 301 more words