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Do You See or Taste Music?

Do You See or Taste Music? By, Susan Sacirbey via Huffington Post
While we never spoke about it, yes, Bono must be a synesthete. You can see, feel, & taste so much of the music and recognize how the visible reality can also blind to the rest: “City of Blinding Lights” 8 more words


Those ecstatic tunes brought by the spectrum fabricated by your smile hinders the rippling effect in my soul of those words you said unto me. 69 more words

Syncopation & Synapses: The Multi-Processing Mind of Ragtime Pianist Bob Milne

I interviewed Ragtime aficionado Bob Milne after seeing him unleash his awe-inspiring library of song before a rapt audience with no sheet music in sight. Bob’s ability to store enormous volumes of music and hear up to four symphonies simultaneously is currently being studied by a neurologist at Penn State. 92 more words

C O L O R Series

I recently started a photo series that represents a form of Synesthesia; associating colors with people. This is something I have always done for as long as I can remember. 202 more words

Adriana Huff Photography

GTP Adventures- Guitar Hero frets in your eyes

A stimulus in one sensory modality (e.g., auditory) triggered perceiving video game elements in another sensory modality (in this case, visual). These cross-sensorial associations can be understood as “artificial synaesthesia” or induced synaesthesia. 9 more words

GTP Cartoons