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Connect the Colors

For those with synesthesia, the world seems no more interconnected than they assume it always is for the rest of us, until the person with the condition casually mentions how lively and bright blue the letter K always is to a playmate, who then reacts in a baffled way. 726 more words

Daily Prompt

Hearing Color

I wanted to share this video with you. It is of a man who hears color. He doesn’t see color at all.  His name is Neil Harbisson. 113 more words

Classical Homeopathy

Do Your Strengths Have a Color? Talents and Synaesthesia...

Synaesthesia is one of my new favorite words and concepts.

As Wickipedia defines it, synaesthesia (or synesthesia) “is a neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. 577 more words

John K Coyle

Dream: 12.20.14

{This dream had many disjointed parts.}


In the world of the dream, I live and work in NYC.

I’m walking along, in an unfamiliar neighborhood. 1,911 more words


Music Poster Brief - Process

During the course of my first term here at the University of Bedfordshire, i have been assigned to produce an A3 music poster that best represents what i feel/see in a particular piece of music. 999 more words


What is Synesthesia?

So what is synesthesia? The easiest explanation is that a person experiences two or more of their senses as linked. The most common type of synesthesia is associating days of the week with colours, but other types link taste, touch, smell, sound, or even spatial sequences. 453 more words


joyeux noel, or something

Have been wondering a lot about Spouse’s emotional palette/range lately. Saturday, we spent some quality time snuggling, and it seemed like a good time to ask, so I did. 618 more words