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C O L O R Series

I recently started a photo series that represents a form of Synesthesia; associating colors with people. This is something I have always done for as long as I can remember. 202 more words

Adriana Huff Photography

GTP Adventures- Guitar Hero frets in your eyes

A stimulus in one sensory modality (e.g., auditory) triggered perceiving video game elements in another sensory modality (in this case, visual). These cross-sensorial associations can be understood as “artificial synaesthesia” or induced synaesthesia. 9 more words

GTP Cartoons

A sense of seasons

The crisp-apple air of autumn has begun blustering about. Tiny cold and warm fronts battle in eddies above my tea mug; on the window sill; at my upper lip. 407 more words

Starter For Ten

Wild Chapter 10 and Inquiry 2 ideas

In Wild, there is nothing major standing out to me that has a whole lot of implications on the point of the story.  Strayed just talking about routine days and eating at some random person’s house or at a bar is just starting to get very boring.  247 more words


Thousands of Antique Piano Parts

I love my studio. It’s in the back of a building built in the 1890s and still has the original hardwood floors, slotted ceiling, and huge south-facing windows. 456 more words

Found Object Sculpture