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New Page - Living with Tars

Good Afternoon Readers,

As part of my quest to dispel the hype around wood gas I have come to a point where I need to address a four letter word – tars.  21 more words


China provinces on track to meet 2015 energy/pollution reduction goals

Pilot project in carbon capture and storage technology at this facility in Inner Mongolia

Most of China’s provinces are ahead of schedule or on track to meet 2015 energy savings targets, the government said on Friday, with Beijing and Shanghai among the frontrunners as the world’s No.2 economy seeks to reduce its impact on the environment.

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Gas Station Performance Data Coming In

Good Morning Readers,

I am starting to get my first data on the Gas Station’s performance on pellets.  So far the numbers look pretty good.  The system consumes 6 in^3/min or .1 l/min feeding a 389cc 6kW generator running at 3600 rpm with no load.  25 more words


Presenting at the Camden Maker's Faire

Good Evening Readers,

I just got my official notification that I am presenting at the Camden, ME Maker’s Faire on 9/6.  Please come out, say “Hi!” and meet the girls.   20 more words


New Page - Final Filter Assemblies

Good Afternoon Readers,

The Gas Station’s final filter assembly is tested and ready to be sold.  It uses a nice spin on pleated pool filter hanging in an all steel housing with an optional Type R shop vac pre filter.  24 more words


Automatic wood gas mixer works!!!

Good Afternoon Readers,

Today I got my automated wood gas mixture controller working.  It makes life SO much easier!!!!  It is a model airplane servo driving a 1/2″ ball valve controlled by an Arduino Uno and an automotive oxygen sensor.  229 more words


All about gas, coal has lost it

It is all about gas. Coal has lost it, but it is a good distraction. Petroleum is a convenient price setter. Renewables are the future and the trick is to be to get the traditional utility models to take ownership. 1,502 more words

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