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Last month the global chemicals giant Syngenta applied to the UK government for an “emergency exemption” from a temporary EU ban on the use of pesticides containing neonicotinoids. 971 more words


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(This post originally appeared on Danish Crowdsourcing Association website)

I strongly believe that as an open innovation tool, crowdsourcing has a bright future, but only if it proves its economic worth. 417 more words

Gary Hooser Talks About Class Warfare on Kaua`i: Ear-marking Human Guinea Pigs in Paradise for Bio-tech

Please share this very informative video freely. If tourists had any idea what’s happening on the Hawaiian islands with toxins in the environment from companies like Monsanta, Syngenta  and the 37 military bases spread across the islands, they would DEFINITELY take their tourist dollars elsewhere. 83 more words

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Wildlife at risk crossing roads & NFU apologise after Buglife expose misleading claims

Tonight as I was driving home along a nice stretch of road, which might better be described as ‘track’ and which runs parallel with the busy A18.   713 more words

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Campaign updates & not so Scarce Footmen


Syngenta’s attempt to undermine the EU pesticides ban has caused public uproar in the past few days. When the pesticide company applied to the Government for the go-ahead to use banned chemicals on UK crops, a number of organisations stepped in and called upon the public to help.  419 more words

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Seeds Of Death - A must watch documentary.

If you’re concerned about GMOs, Seeds of Death is a must watch documentary.

For an illuminating insight into the position taken by a host of scientists and academics with regard to… 206 more words

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Syngenta withdraws application to use banned pesticide linked to bee harm

By Damian Carrington, July 4, 2014. Source: The Guardian

Pesticide maker Syngenta has withdrawn an “emergency” application to use a banned insecticide on up to a third of all oilseed rape in the UK. 474 more words

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argylesock says... I'm not sure which neonic Syngenta wants to bring back here in Europe. Maybe all of the three which are temporarily banned: clothianidin, imidacloprid and thiamethoxam. [Edit] Soon after this story broke, I'm feeling cynical about it. Maybe Syngenta decided not to fight the neonic ban because it's only a temporary ban. Also, Syngenta is busy lobbying for its interests as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) draws closer to becoming real. [Edit again] Maybe the story was this one: Syngenta and Bayer challenged the European neonic ban. Syngenta requested an exemption for autumn-sown oilseed rape (Brassica napus) in 2014, but soon withdrew that request.