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How to setup git as a daemon

This is a quick post on using git on a server. I use my Synology NAS as a fileserver, but also as a git repository server. 362 more words


Adding an SSD cache to Synology DS-1813+

Hello everyone,

I bought – some time ago, new storage for my home lab.  I mentioned it here, but while I got it going quickly I have been very slow at getting the SSD’s I had bought into action.  859 more words

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PernixData FVP homelab experience

This post is dedicated to FVP, a storage acceleration solution by PernixData. I will briefly introduce their company and solution to give you an idea of what it does. 3,732 more words


Synology: DiskStation Manager 5.1 Beta is Available

Synology just released a Beta version of it’s coming DSM version 5.1 and it’s available for download: https://www.synology.com/en-global/dsm/5.1beta.

At the same time, the powerpacked 4-bay Disktation DS415+ was announced: … 15 more words


Cross-compiling nano with UTF-8 support for Synology

export CROSS_PREFIX=i686-pc-linux-gnu
export TARGET=i686-pc-linux-gnu
export TOOLCHAIN=/usr/local/evansport-pc-linux-gnu
export AR=${TOOLCHAIN}/bin/${CROSS_PREFIX}-ar
export AS=${TOOLCHAIN}/bin/${CROSS_PREFIX}-as
export CC=${TOOLCHAIN}/bin/${CROSS_PREFIX}-gcc
export CXX=${TOOLCHAIN}/bin/${CROSS_PREFIX}-g++
export LD=${TOOLCHAIN}/bin/${CROSS_PREFIX}-ld
export LDSHARED="${TOOLCHAIN}/bin/${CROSS_PREFIX}-gcc -shared "
export RANLIB=${TOOLCHAIN}/bin/${CROSS_PREFIX}-ranlib
export CFLAGS="-I${TOOLCHAIN}/include -O3 ${MARCH}"
export LDFLAGS="-L${TOOLCHAIN}/lib"
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="${TOOLCHAIN}/lib/pkgconfig"

#DSM 5.0 already includes libncursesw so we can link the nano binary to this
#fetch the source which was extracted from the Synology DSM 5.0 source tarball
wget https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/1188556/ncurses-5.x.zip
unzip ncurses-5.x.zip
cd ncurses-5.x
./configure --prefix=${TOOLCHAIN} --host=${TARGET} --build=x86_64-linux-gnu --with-shared --without-normal --without-progs --without-debug --enable-widec
make install
cd .. 529 more words