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this is such a bad way of presenting myself but here goes…

hello im present here at the moment to you know present…

this presents an interesting question… 67 more words

this is some matter i got

nowadays,i have so many matters to tend to…

what’s the matter?

matter is only converted from one form to another…

no,not that matter,that’s the matter… 19 more words

word: supercilious


Definition: (adjective) Feeling or showing haughty disdain. Synonyms: haughty, prideful, sniffy, swaggering, lordly, disdainful Usage: He smiled in a supercilious manner and said I had better do as I was asked. Discuss.

In Other Words...

I was sorting through old emails when I rediscovered a challenge sent out a couple of years ago from my friend Bill.
It was essentially a game of alternate lyrics that Bill invited our circle of friends to join. 406 more words



Due to tech issues, I currently have no access to any of my in-progress poems. While I’m working on that, I’d like to share this neat writing tool which caught my attention on my Facebook News Feed:


Knowledge Share 2014-07


  • SYNONYM is used to reference an object in usable format.
  • Syntax: create synonym UsableName for Server.DBName.SchemaName.TableName
  • Note: The base object need not exist at synonym create time.
  • 77 more words

Word of the Day

Happy lunchtime, Wit-Writs! It’s Jamie here with a Word of the Day for you! I’m very happy with today’s WOTD for us writers… Mostly because it’s a synonym for “twilight”, which has come to have a negative connotation recently. 65 more words