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Another way to say....

We’re all guilty of overusing certain words. One of those being “said”. Now, I’m not a believer of the saying “Said is dead”, but it can certainly become monotonous when used too much. 33 more words

Sebuah Rahasia

Aku mencintaimu. Namun aku takut untuk memilikimu. Ah, sungguh klise.

Bukan. Aku bukan tidak bisa memiliki dirimu. Ya meskipun harus berjuang mati-matian baru aku bisa memilikinya, namun bukan berarti aku tidak bisa. 395 more words


Kesepian ini Membunuhku

Tiupan angin menusuk ke setiap inci tulang leherku. Di keheningan malam, suaranya seolah menjadi alunan nada yang harmonis. Aku menatap lekat-lekat lampu jalan yang berada di sudut jalan ini. 461 more words


the fishing trip

                   what the fish
       something’s fishy going on about that fish(pisces).
ummm what fish?which fish?where fish?when fish?
     now we are really fishing(about)
           so can you fish your way
                        out of this fish 

i am jack overdriven

jack here
jacking up atm.
jacking off for now
jack ya l8ter.

All You Ever Need to Know About Recursive SQL

Oracle SYNONYMs are a great feature. You can implement all sorts of backwards-compatibility tweaks simply by creating SYNONYMs in your database. Consider the following schema: 2,022 more words