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Saturday is a synonym for "work on the house day"

The sooner we finish these 102 tasks the sooner we’ll be closer to getting a little bit closer to almost being ready to move on to the next step of finishing this one part of the house.


Dear Deer

Hours is an existence when added equals week days.

Weak daze word games spells that go.

Go spell or Gospel no space drop the L. 160 more words

Want more Customers?… Apply Experiential Marketing!

Experiential marketing could be a synonym for Immersive marketing! It promises a closer bond between the product and the customer. This type of marketing does not burden customer with information; instead it inspires the customer to gain more knowledge about the product or service. 76 more words

Happy Birthday!

Beberapa saat yang lalu gue surfing di internet, kemudian melihat ada artikel ‘The Playstation is 20 years old today’. Waw 20 tahun, waktu yang jika diubah ke umur manusia udah berubah jadi sosok yang dewasa. 535 more words


Writing Helper #2

Ever ran out of words when you’re writing? It’s very common for writers to want their work to sound more vivid and interactive. But writing turns dull and monotonous rather quickly when you use the same words over and over again. 1,516 more words


Things I'm Thankful For

We’re leading into Thanksgiving now and the lists I’ve been seeing people post about things for which they are thankful have got me thinking. Here are some things for which I’m personally thankful: 29 more words

Sino, Cino, Substitute

Ever had a day where you thought you were a good speller, but every attempt at adding to your NaNoWriMo word count was just taking way too long because you couldn’t remember how to spell some of the words? Yeah, just sayin’! LOL