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Writing Resource: Other Words for Look

As I have been sifting through my edits for my current project, The Fallen: Part Two, I have been finding that I have gotten a tad bit lazy with the word look.   57 more words


Waltzing gaily out of the house in your underwear

Francesca Capaldi Burgess considers the dreaded editing, and those dratted ‘favourite’ words.

Editing is something I love and hate, much as Golem in Lord of the Rings… 529 more words

The Diary of a Teacher I: All for the Students

Hmmm…The smell of fried vegetarian sausage fills my tiny cave! It’s 10:58p.m. and I am still up. It’s Thursday night and the busiest night of all the nights. 546 more words

Dear Diary

Thursday’s Word [Week 3]

And Thursday’s Word has returned yet again. This time with a more useful word than aforementioned boondoggle or smorgasbord. Hopefully you guys like this week’s release.  162 more words

Thursday's Word

Happy Thesaurus Day

My childhood friend, Jeff, and I used to read the dictionary when we were bored.  There was little else to do on hot, sultry summer afternoons in Lincoln, Nebraska or on winter days when a blizzard kept us out of school.  484 more words

Cultural Highlights

New Teachers Pay Teachers Product-Synonyms

Stop by Lets Babble On’s Teachers Pay Teachers Storeif you need a synonym activity.  This activity is geared towards K-1 students but can be used with other students for independent/review work.   178 more words



You know you’re dealing with religious porn when people cannot discern between trust and believe, or trespasses and sins, or even faith and belief because they ignore punctuation and don’t understand English grammar or synonyms. 1,080 more words