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Word of the Day: Nascent

Here’s to new beginnings!

Nascent (adj.):

beginning to exist or develop, sometimes in the chemical state (a nascent state).

The nascent company adopted a bold marketing strategy, and established itself as a force to be reckoned with.


Title, heading, name, label, legend, banner, headline

This is a short about an that never was. It’s just an for using a lot of synonyms of the type I’ve come to call “slangonyms”. 285 more words

About Writing

Word of the Day: Preternatural


Tired of using the word “extraordinary”? Try today’s word.

Preternatural (adj.):

Supernatural; out of the ordinary course of nature; exceptional or abnormal.


His powers were… 16 more words


Twitter Twaddle

Talking with my son tonight about entertaining topics for his vlog. We watched a bunch of the Your Grammar Sucks videos. He asked me what “twit” meant. 16 more words

Daily Life

x-thesaurus made this weekend great !


A terminal client to lookup synonyms of an english word. x-thesaurus uses the Big Huge Thesaurus api to serve the synonyms to it’s users. please get your own api key from… 85 more words