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Electronics and gadgets used for the production are available for visitors to interact and engage with. Through experimentation, they create a personal sonic tapestry and receive a first-hand association of what the dancers are experiencing. 237 more words


Oh, the joys of writing a synopsis and a cover letter! It’s harder than the writing itself as I attempt to decide what is important and key to include and what I can omit. 55 more words

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Hands of Evil - The Teaser

Hands of Evil will be available from next Thursday. Below I’ve added the cover, synopsis and teaser for the book. This post though, serves two purposes. 1,319 more words


Book Recommendation: All Four Stars

I have always been a fan of Children’s and Middle Grade books and when I saw this on my recommendation list? I fell in love instantaneously. 295 more words


I write best when it is cool and by the sea with a slight breeze. Right now I have none of these and must find a way around this, or maybe it’s the Universe saying, “Take a break!” 22 more words

Random Thoughts

HELP! I need to write a Synopsis.

So, as I am moving forward on my query process of my book “The Oyster King” I have come to realize that I really need a synopsis. 215 more words

A Day In The Life

Sailor Moon Crystal Episode 2: Ami - Sailor Mercury

Spoilers! If you haven’t gone on one of the many sites that offer it and watched Episode 2 (“Act 2: Ami – Sailor Mercury”) of Sailor Moon Crystal you should do so now. 629 more words