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Patatap - Procrastinators, Beware

This site is for would be DJs and music aficionados. Patatap turns A-Z on the keyboard into unique sounds allowing you to produce your own synth and percussion. 17 more words


I’d like to imagine, that at some point in history one of the members of FARTBARF was like six years old and tried to think of the best word combination of all time. 100 more words

Song Of The Day

News: Pawws

Listen to Pawws’ new track Sugar which will feature on her long awaited EP of the same name. Sugar is a great exercise in some reinvented 80s pop, with catchy descending synth lines and a very sweet vocal by Lucy Taylor.


Belgian Fog-Loveless Way

A delightful electro dream wave coming at you from Seattle native Robert Dale, also known as Belgian Fog.  Based on his new track “Loveless Way”, this man wears his heart on his sleeve and would rather, “stay in a loveless way, than make the pain go.”

Everything Else

Interview with Glitzerstrahl

Check out this interview on the Glitzerstrahl project over at the Geeky Disco blog:


Big thanks to Andrew for including me!


Artist Spotlight - BesNine

BesNine is an electro pop artist from Levallois, France that I have been listening to a ton lately. He produces and sings on some of the catchiest songs I’ve heard in awhile. 48 more words


Interview: Isobel Trigger

Originally written for http://honestreviewscorner.com

Following an earlier review of their latest single ‘Tiger Shark,’ Ariel and Felicia of Isobel Trigger answered some questions via e-mail — below is the exchange that followed: