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Empathy Test - Throwing Stones

Am I really writing about something that isn’t 90% guitars? Ah alright then, this track from Empathy Test is actually pretty boss. It’s full of all the 80s vibes that would have made it a surefire mainstay on the soundtrack of a classic cheesy film, the idea of throwing stones ‘at your window’ seems suitably 80s rom-com enough to make it the perfect fit. 167 more words


A 16-voice Homebrew Polyphonic Synth

Homebrew synths – generating a waveform in a microcontroller, adding a MIDI interface, and sending everything out to a speaker – are great projects that will teach you a ton about how much you can do with a tiny, low power uC. 240 more words


Play House = Acid house with LEGO

Play House is an automata (self-operating virtual machine)  that generates slow hypnotic acid house through mechanisms built from LEGO Technic. This piece was made for AudioGraft 2014 with a commission from Oxford Contemporary Music.

By Alex Allmont

Research And Experiments

Bigger Brothertiger Needs $4K For 3rd Album

Brooklyn-based indie synth-pop/nu-disco band Brothertiger needs $4,000 to get beyond the bedroom and into a proper studio now that frontman John Jagos has expanded the group into a four-piece. 314 more words


Esta ft. Chris McClenney - Take #2

Smooth sounds with Esta on the beat and McClenney on vocals.


[instrument] 8-bit Solidsynth

Based on CD4093 and CD 4094, 8-bit synth using shift register plays a crazy tunes. Schematic, PCB, Board Layout and Eagle Cad files bellow. 6 more words


New EP : Are You Strong Enough? - Eurotix

Eurotix released their new EP “Are You Strong Enough?” with the title track “Are You Strong Enough?” and three other songs “When You Are In My Dreams”, “Into The Future” and “The Eastern Block”. 9 more words