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Riches gained through dishonest means will eventually vanish, but doing what is right avoids a deadly consequence. That’s Proverbs 10:2 in the VOICE translation.

As business owners, when we’re trying to cut corners to make or save money, it never really works. 365 more words

Black woman - Whose hair do you wear today?

Black women and their hair journey is personal. Each person has to eventually find a new definition for what makes a beautiful hair. As it stands today the most attractive hairstyle for many black women is what their natural hair is incapable of. 289 more words


The Trick to Flawless Make up

Everyone wants to know what the trick is to having flawless make up.  Of course there are great products to use to help achieve a flawless face, but honestly, I think the most important thing that will help you get a flawless face is great tools! 747 more words

Permanent, Synthetic Hair Dyes- Avoid Scalp Damage.

About Synthetic Hair Dye Products and Hair Loss.

Permanent, synthetic hair dye products containing para-phenylenediamine (PPD), combinations of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia, as well as other chemical ingredients have proven to be extremely harmful to one’s health; especially through overuse. 735 more words

Natural Hair Care

Prolong the life of your wig with proper care

Vison’s offers a wide variety of human hair and synthetic wigs. We purchase only quality wigs and love to help our customers look their very best. 200 more words