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Meningitis outbreaks causing alarm on college campuses

From influenza to strep throat, it’s hard to distinguish one illness from another and easy to blame your sore throat and headaches on a cold. … 1,053 more words


Cycle Track in on Waverly and Comstock

I just rode my bike back from an event on the SU campus, on Waverly, near Comstock.  I was surprised that the cycle tracks were already in place along Waverly and Comstock south to Euclid. 208 more words


From Syracuse University: "Syracuse Physicists Closer to Understanding Balance of Matter, Antimatter"

Syracuse University

Physicists in the College of Arts and Sciences have made important discoveries regarding Bs meson particles—something that may explain why the universe contains more matter than antimatter. 617 more words

Basic Research


Research Class: I have been so stressed out with my workload, but my research group is finally all on the same page, and we just busted out our qualitative research proposal, and quantitative report delegations in under an hour and a half. 361 more words

Midterm: Matthew Moyer

It is still dark outside. With heavy feet, 16-year-old Matthew Moyer lazily walks down the stairs of his home (facing the front door) after hitting the snooze button on his alarm until 4:15 a.m. 1,075 more words


5 a.m. workout

As me and Jason wrapped up our midterm, I got up with Matt this morning and went with him to his private 5 a.m. workout. Got tons of great sound and saw a side of Matt we hadn’t seen yet. 13 more words


24 Hours in Death Valley: 8,000 Pounds of Pork and Saturday Football

On a weekend with a Clemson home game, The Smoking Pig, a barbecue joint in Pendleton, SC, will dish out over 8,000 pounds of pork in just three days. 1,181 more words