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Presto's Picks-- Thanksgiving Leftovers...

Thanksgiving involves family, feasting and football–not necessarily in that order.  Hopefully everyone had an opportunity to share some time with loved ones–or even disliked ones that you’re mandated to spend time with because of family ties.  766 more words

The 15 Best Student-Run College Fashion Magazines

In a world where magazines and bloggers are basically running the (fashion) show, it only makes sense that people want to get as much of a head start and experience on their resume as possible before graduating college. 142 more words


Rick Pitino Reaches 700

Wednesday Louisville men’s head basketball coach Rick Pitino entered an elite club of coaches as he moved to 700 in the  win column as a college basketball coach.   167 more words


Syracuse Football: What Options Does Syracuse Have (Option?)

Before 1987, Syracuse was a very similar program that it has been in the past several years–fighting for (rarer) bowl spots.  Then, Don McPherson led Syracuse on a magical 1987 season that culminated with an 11-0 record and ultimately a tie with Auburn in the Sugar Bowl.  588 more words


Winter Wonderland

Even though I hate the snow and cannot wait to go back to my California sunshine, it sure is beautiful.

Although I am not excited to drive in it.


Things to Consider About Your Food This Holiday Season

The Knapp family farm, Cobblestone Valley, has been passed down 4 generations. To preserve, conserve, and rebuild is the driving force behind this beautifully maintained estate in Preble, New York. 189 more words


Wedding Recap: The Tailgate Party

Our wedding tailgate was the brainchild of my mother-in-law and one of the most fun parts of our wedding weekend! Many of our guests were going to be coming from out of town and a majority of them wouldn’t know each other yet, so instead of a traditional rehearsal dinner we invited all of our guests from near and far to join us on Friday night for some tailgating fun! 416 more words