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YPG Commander Sipan Hemo: The ISIS Has Been Defeated

(ANF/Bahoz Deniz) Sipan Hemo, the commander of the YPG, has given an interview to Bahoz Deniz of ANF. In the interview he speaks about the attacks on Kobanê, the goal of the powers behind the attacks, and the recent move by the KDP to dig on a trench along the Rojava-KRG border. 3,065 more words

Terrorists beheading and executing 6 Syrian soldiers

According to this source the Syrian soldiers tried to seize the small village called Qmenas in Idlib countryside on the 15th of April, 2014. Qmenas is located south-east of the city of Idlib  25 more words


More on the dilemmas facing humanitarian workers in conflict zones

A while back I wrote about the difficulty for third-parties of remaining neutral/impartial in conflict zones (here). These debates flare mostly in the context of the war in Syria. 342 more words

بنايات الفرج

في الصباح تفاجأنا جميعاً بحضور الرافعات والتركسات . كان كل شيئ على خير ما يرام. لكن فجأة سيتغير العالم.
بدأوا أعمال الهد. طارت الحجارة ، ارتفع غبار كثيف.

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The death of a righteous man and God’s will

On Monday 7 April the Dutch Jesuit Frans van der Lugt, widely known as “Father Frans”, was abducted from his convent in the city of Homs in Syria by masked men and killed. 718 more words


Jabhat an-Nusra : Shaykh Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir about the Murder of Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fatih

April 15th 2014: Jabhat an-Nusra Shaykh Abu Muhammad Fatih and his brother Abu Ratib are killed in their house in Idlib. The whole family was targeted. 1,083 more words