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Foley to be used as an excuse for the USA to once again ignore International Law and attack Syria

Not Restricted by Borders: Obama Admin. Announces Plan to Attack ISIS in Syria


The Obama administration announced Friday it plans to conduct military operations inside Syria. 410 more words

War On Syria

Hagel: ISIS ‘Beyond Anything We’ve Seen;' Does Not Rule Out Airstrikes in Syria


(CNSNews.com) – Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel on Thursday called the threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) “beyond anything that we’ve seen,” … 501 more words

War On Syria

Americans being conditioned to accept more war including an attack on Syria

WAR DRUMS: ISIS is ‘rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major US city,’ senator warns as Hagel says military must ‘get ready’ for action… 229 more words

War On Syria

Shutter down, Shining out

21.20pm / 22.08.2014.

So here we are – a new post for a new blog, on a day and in a time when the tears fall as rain on the mountains; when the sun is all the brighter in the sky, for our knowing it is still there. 3,249 more words


US Begins Selling "Syria Intervention" Using ISIS Pretext

“It was the United States itself that intentionally created ISIS, beginning as early as 2007 for the expressed purpose of overthrowing the government of Syria and confronting pro-Iranian forces across the Middle East from Lebanon to Iran’s very doorstep” 1,058 more words

War On Syria

If Assad needs help fighting the ISIS terrorists he should ask Russia & not the totally untrustworthy USA

US and UK should back Assad to defeat ISIS – senior UK MP


The US and UK must work with Bashar Assad’s Syrian regime if they are to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the chairman of Britain’s intelligence and security committee warns. 828 more words

War On Syria