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The Jerusalem manuscript of Antony of Tagrit's Rhetoric

This is just a short note on a manuscript I cataloged this morning. It’s not a new find, but rather a confirmation of the existence and the whereabouts of a significant copy of Antony of Tagrit’s… 973 more words

Your loving-kindness shall be sad
upon seeing my stains,
yet may it petition Your justice
lest I be cast out altogether. ܬܶܟܪܶܐ ܠܛܰܝܒܘܽܬܳܟ.
ܡܳܐ ܕܚܳܙܝܳܐ ܠܟ̈ܘܽܬܡܳܬܝ. 67 more words
Syriac Christianity

The Council of Manazkert (726)

Saint Mark’s Monastery, Jerusalem, № 169 mostly contains homilies in Garšūnī, but at the beginning (ff. 4v-8r) there is an excerpt, in Syriac, from the… 459 more words