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Who are the Nestorians?

The word “Nestorian” is really a pejorative term coined by the church of the Greco-Roman world to write off this ancient Mesopotamian church as being under the sway of deposed heretic Nestorius. 771 more words


I recently came across a text written in Karshuni (or Garshuni). Karshuni is a text where the Arabic language has been rendered using the Syriac alphabet. 105 more words

Mention of the Chronicon of Šemʕon Šanqlāwāyā in a 16th-cent. colophon

The image above comes near the end of the long colophon (ff. 116r-118r) of CCM 89 (olim Diyarbakır 19; Macomber 12.35), an Epistle Lectionary in Syriac dated August 1539 (1850 AG; 946 AH), copied in “Gāzartā d-Bēt Zabday, on the Tigris” by a scribe named Darwiš b. 197 more words


Guest post: Sebastian Brock on identifying an old Syriac leaf

By Sebastian Brock
Oriental Institute, Oxford GB

In the course of cataloguing the Syriac manuscripts belonging to the collection of the former Chaldean Church in Mardin Adam McCollum discovered an old folio that had been re-used as an endpaper to strengthen the binding of Mardin Chald. 567 more words


Bite-Sized Exegesis: Proverbs 10:10


קֺרֵץ עַיִן יִתֵּן עַצָּבֶת וֶאֱוִיל שְׂפָתַיִם יִלָּבֵט׃

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