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Your loving-kindness shall be sad
upon seeing my stains,
yet may it petition Your justice
lest I be cast out altogether. ܬܶܟܪܶܐ ܠܛܰܝܒܘܽܬܳܟ.
ܡܳܐ ܕܚܳܙܝܳܐ ܠܟ̈ܘܽܬܡܳܬܝ. 67 more words
Syriac Christianity

The Council of Manazkert (726)

Saint Mark’s Monastery, Jerusalem, № 169 mostly contains homilies in Garšūnī, but at the beginning (ff. 4v-8r) there is an excerpt, in Syriac, from the… 458 more words


1448-1449 George Kiraz - Preserving Culture in War: Aramaic

We continue our series of conversations focusing on the cultural ravages of the fighting in the Middle East by turning to the topic of Aramaic. The language has been spoken for more than 2,000 years in the region, and was the language that Jesus spoke (at least one of them). 61 more words

Recent Interview with Syriac Catholic Patriarch

This is a recent interview with H.B. Ignace III Yousif Yunan, Patriarch of the Syriac Catholic Church of Antioch, as he talks about the situation of Christians in his country. 19 more words