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Congress' Support of Syrian Rebels Fraught With Danger


The U.S. Congress has approved the Obama Administration’s plan to train and arm Syrian rebels fighting the Islamic State terrorist group. The plan is fraught with danger and the Congress must ensure that five steps are taken to minimize its risks. 330 more words

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Airstrikes haven’t helped

CIA-vetted Syrian rebels battling Islamic State say airstrikes haven’t helped 1,291 more words

We Don’t Need to Ally with Terrorists to Defeat ISIS

by Daniel Greenfield:

The big foreign policy debate now is whether we should ally with Sunni or Shiite Jihadists to defeat ISIS.

The pro-Iranian camp wants us to coordinate with Iran and Assad. 593 more words

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Experts Suggest U.S. Struck Al-Nursa Front Which Fights Alongside Syrian Rebels Not Khorsan Group

The US says it has hit a little-known group called “Khorasan” in Syria, but experts and activists argue it actually struck Al-Qaeda’s affiliate Al-Nusra Front, which fights alongside Syrian rebels. 722 more words


Common sense lacking in DC

Washington DC also is home to ordinary “we the people” citizens – just getting that detail out of the way. For most of us who don’t live in DC we tend to think of the politicians and political appointees who inhibit the mystical place called DC. 1,633 more words

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The legality of Obama's war in Syria and the 'Khorasan Group'

Today the Guardian reports that America’s ambassador to the United Nations, Samantha Powers, sent the UN a letter, stating her governments reasoning for not obtaining prior approval for the airstrikes it recently begun conducting against ISIS in Syria. 500 more words