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The Bears of Beirut documentary seeks funds to help Syrian refugees

Lebanon: Two gay men from Lebanon are seeking international support and taking recourse to crowd sourcing to help gay refugees streaming into their country from neighboring war-torn Syria. 432 more words


Jordan's Informal Sector Being Crowded Out by Syrian Refugees

Link: http://www.majalla.com/eng/2014/07/article55250594?utm_source=Sailthru&utm_medium=email&utm_term=%2AMideast%20Brief&utm_campaign=2014_The%20Middle%20East%20Daily_7.28.14 (Written on July 27, 2014)

Summary: Jordan’s recent economic slump (unemployment rates went from 12.2% in 2012 to 14% in 2013) is further exacerbated by the influx of 1.4 million Syrian refugees now residing in the Hashemite Kingdom. 276 more words

'Epidemic of child marriage' for Syrian girl refugees, aid agency warns

ELIZABETH JACKSON: An international aid agency is warning of an “epidemic of child marriage” for Syrian refugee girls under the age of 18 who have fled to Jordan. 708 more words


Syrian Refugees in Lebanon: Is Anybody Listening?

Talking about the growing, or rather alarming, number of Syrians that have sought refuge in Lebanon since 2012 is very tricky. There is a very fine line between the humanitarian aspect of the issue and racism and intolerance, from a population that should know more than anyone else, the meaning of war and the pain of having to leave one’s home behind.

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The International Community, the US, EU and the UN commend Lebanon for being cooperative and receiving more Syrian Refugees while allies of the EU and the US such as Jordan and Turkey have taken a clear position towards closing their borders in consideration of their national security and incapacity of managing the what we know now is going to be a long crisis with no ends or solutions any time soon. Yes, Lebanon is commanded for being collaborative, but in reality it is commanded for being weak and unable to take a firm position toward a crisis that should be the responsibility of the International Community and not just that of the 4 million Lebanese. If the international Community is REALLY concerned about the Syrian Refugees safety and security, they have two options: either provide them with the needed 400 million dollars monthly to ensure their bare survival in Lebanon or host them in their own countries. But to push Lebanon to receive more refugees and to refrain from providing them with support, then accuse Lebanese of xenophobia and racism is pure hypocrisy! What alarms me the most is that I am seeing more xenophobia among the most liberal of the Lebanese civil society, simply because what is happening is just inflicting worry and hardship to all Lebanese throughout Lebanon. What is even more alarming are the hypocritical comments of some NGO leaders who are benefiting from the donations and support given to the Syrian Refugees and who continue to mislead the international community about the reality of the situation on the ground. This is the beginning of a crisis which will impact seriously Israel's security too. Maybe then the international community will look at it more seriously... The below article from Eye on the East says it all. Please take a moment to read it!

Working women feel they are losing their femininity

My latest dispatch from Lebanon is up on Al Jazeera’s website now. It’s about how Syrian women refugees have become primary breadwinners, but face unique gender challenges and sexual harassment while looking for work. 298 more words

My Middle East Adventure

Syria - a book to help you understand it differently


Full text of review in Time Out Istanbul by Pat Yale below:

My House in Damascus: An Inside View of the Syrian Revolution

Diana Darke was one of the first foreigners to buy a house in Damascus, offering her a unique view into the Syrian conflict. 673 more words


A Story of a Refugee

We would always wonder about the actions and candid behavior from previous refugees. By previous I mean here the Palestinian and Iraqi refugees, because now we, the Syrians, have become the refugees. 354 more words