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Photos Show 'Unprecedented' Shift of Refugees Into Turkey

Among the top accusations against Turkey during Syria’s ongoing civil war has been that its government has not done enough to stem the flow of foreigners who slip over its border and into the ruthless jihadi groups operating between Syria and Iraq. 714 more words

Educational Aid Still Being Delivered In Syria

A new report exposes a worsening education crisis in Syria, where up to a fifth of all school buildings have been destroyed, militarised, or used as shelters. 573 more words


Two gay Syrian refugees get sanctuary in Canada

Canada: A gay Syrian couple seeking refuge from discrimination and war in their hometown are now able to live in Canada after local sponsors and supporters intervened on their behalf… 341 more words


Desert Born

remember when we thought THIS was bad?

try that with a tank…..
check out how Turkey is managing its borders:

and news on this is that Turkey has worked an agreement with ISIL to get back 49 hostages, diplomats that were captured by the Islamic State. 245 more words

Gender-based Violence and Displacement

The turmoil in Iraq and Syria has led to an escalation in gender-based violence, rape and the sex trade.

In assessments carried out by the International Rescue Committee (IRC) in Jordan and Lebanon in 2012, Syrian refugees expressed distress at losing everything. 259 more words

Syrians will soon lose life-saving food aid

Syrians displaced in their war-torn homeland and refugees in neighboring countries will feel the devastating impact of the funding cuts.

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Global Hunger