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Syrian hunger strikers in Athens want passports so they can leave

They apparently aren’t looking for Greece to give them asylum there, they must want to move on to a more desirable European country (Germany? the UK?) and the… 209 more words

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Norway Intelligence Service warns terrorists may pose as Syrian refugees and asylum seekers

Really, no kidding!

Norway has already had 10,000 asylum claims this year with 1,700 from Syria.

From The Nordic Page:

PST is concerned that people with extreme militant connections in Syria come to Norway. 141 more words

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Your November news from CLWR

Our November e-news brief is now available! Click here to read it.


Your support for Syrian refugees with special needs

Sign-up for our Advent calendar… 43 more words

Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR)

Love in Mafraq

Love in Mafraq

How is going all the way to Mafraq going to help the Syrian refugees? Wouldn’t it be more helpful just to send the money it would cost us to travel there? 517 more words


Complaint to the Ministries of Labour, Interior, Civil Protection and Health in response to the Syrian refugees' movement

Complaint to the Ministries of Labour, Interior, Civil Protection and Health was submitted earlier today by members of SYRIZA, Vasiliki Katrivanou, Christos Karagiannidis, Aphroditi Staboulis and Dimitris Tsoukalas, in response to the movement of the Syrian refugees who have been protesting in Syntagma Square since Wednesday afternoon. 125 more words


Syrian refugees call for solidarity and asylum

Almost 300 Syrian refugees sit in Syntagma square, outside the Greek parliament, asking for asylum from the Greek state and solidarity from the Greek society. Women, men and children have occupied the central square of Athens since Wednesday afternoon, protesting in peace against the apathy of the Greek government. 202 more words


UNHCR is putting the screws to Japan to take refugees, especially Syrian Muslims

They don’t actually say Syrian Muslims, but they never do!

This guilt-tripping pressure campaign on Japan has been going on for awhile.  Japan does take a handful of refugees, but you can imagine how it galls those one-worlders at the UN that Japan is holding out introducing the joys of multiculturalism in any big way. 549 more words

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