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Syrians Assist Lebanese Refugees: A Counter-Narrative

You’d be forgiven if you thought my headline should read “Lebanese Assist Syrian Refugees.” I mean, who are Lebanese refugees? Who ever heard of them? 1,012 more words


the no-balls government

I have been a Lebanese citizen for more than ten years now, therefore, i am allowed to talk about the Lebanese government.

it’s a country with no president (should i cry, or keep laughing?). 210 more words


The Independent - The world must 'wake up' to the scale of the crisis in northern Iraq, warns British aid worker

The international community must “wake up” to the “vast scale” of the humanitarian crisis in northern Iraq, a British aid worker has warned.

Ravi Singh, founder of the Sikh humanitarian charity Khalsa Aid, described the struggle to provide food, water and shelter to hundreds of thousands of refugees, as the UN said the number of internally displaced people across Iraq had swelled to 1.45 million. 312 more words


ئوسترالیا: ئامادەین 4400 ئاوارەی عێراقی و سوری وەربگرین‌

هێرشەكانی داعش بۆ سەر عێراق و تێكچونی بارودۆخی ئەمنی سوریا بە هەزاران هاوڵاتی ئاوارە كرد و لە ئێستادا لە ژێر مەترسی لەناوچوندان، بەم هۆیە ئوسترالیا ئامادەیی خۆی نیشانداوە كە توانای هەیە 4400 ئاوارەی عێراقی و سوری وەربگرێت، بێ‌ ئەوەی گوێ‌ بە مەرجی ئاین و مەزهەب بدات.

وەزیری كۆچ و كۆچبەرانی ئوسترالیا (سكوت موریسۆن) لە چاوپێكەوتنێكی لەگەڵ ماڵپەری International Business Times  رایگەیاندووە: “حكومەتی ئوسترالیا بریاری داوە كە 4400 ئاوارەی عێراقی و سوری لە خۆی بگرێت كە بەهۆی تێكچونی باوردۆخی ئەمنی توشی ئاوارەیی بوونە.”

هەروەها موریسۆن وتیشی “بەرنامەی كۆچ و كۆچبەرانی حكومەتی ئوسترالیا كاری زۆری لەم پێناوە كردووە بۆئەوەی ژیانێكی دەستەبەر بۆ ئاوارەكانی عێراق و سوریا دابین بكات، بێ‌ ئەوەی گوێ‌ بە مەرجی ئاین و مەزهەب بدەین.”

چەترپرێس-پەیوەند كوردی

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Somali Refugee Children Send Letters of Hope to Syrian Refugee Children

Young Somali Children living in a Refugee camp in Kenya write letters of hope to refugee children in Syria. “Be the stars and the new presidents,” said one young Somali boy in his letter. 27 more words

Impact On Children

KSA serves meals to Syrian refugees in Jordan

During the month of Ramadan, the Saudi government will provide meals to the Syrian refugees in Jordan in an effort to aid the suffering of them. 33 more words

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An Update From Conscience International on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

Below is a recent update I received from Conscience International, regarding the refugee crisis. All the funds we have raised over the past 12 months are going to specifically address projects mentioned below. 637 more words