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Using Chef for infrastructure automation - reading list

I have recently read (and re-read) several books on Chef in order that I can recommend books to clients who are starting with infrastructure automation (and to remind myself of the more obscure uses of… 1,534 more words


Settle to keep things up.

It is unsettling to discover that the world of open source has become just as large and unwieldy as the world of commercial applications.

I always enjoyed working with Linux for its simplicity. 904 more words


Sysadmin’s Day

Sysadmin Day also known as SAD Day is an annual event which is celebrated on Last Friday of July.

It was first celebrated on July 28, 2000 as a mark to show appreciation to sysadmins who work tirelessly round the clock and 364 days a year. 10 more words


HP blades and vSphere ESXi compatibility matrix

The most challenging part of having a blade enclosure system like HP c7000 blade encloure series is the getting the firmware to match the components. For example, you may start off with BL460c G7 blades and 1 year down the road decide to add Gen8 blades into the same enclosure. 262 more words


Cool usage of TimeCategory in Groovy

Groovy, the programming language based on JVM implements a feature called Categories. It is originally borrowed from Objective-C . Simple explanation for this feature can be the ability to implement new methods in existing classes without modifying their original code which in some way is injecting new methods through a Category class. 336 more words


Start stopped instances that all have the same name

It’s worth learning the AWS CLI and jq in order to do one-off batch operations to EC2 instances. I needed to start a group of stopped instances that all had the same name.  25 more words


Creating Minimal Throw-away CentOS 6 VMs

Whether you are using CentOS for a build server or simply testing out a new configuration, you can quickly create a VM (virtual machine) that is under 1GB. 1,094 more words