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A Sysmas Carol - singing the praises of sysadmins everywhere!

Ever felt as though there should be a song for system administrators?

One that is perfect for belting out in the server room over the noise of all that equipment? 600 more words


Today is Systems Administrator's Day - Did you know that?

On the last Friday in July, hopefully most systems administrators get feted a bit by their boss or non-IT co-workers.

Today is Systems Administrator’s Day. 75 more words


What do system administrators do all day?

Today (25 July 2014) is System Administrator Appreciation Day, which is an event to show appreciation for the work of system administrators (or sysadmins) and other IT workers. 806 more words

Guides & How-tos

sudo asks for password even if NOPASSWD is set in /etc/sudoers

TL;DR when a script is not marked as executable and you try to run it with sudo, you don’t get the usual -bash: myScript.sh: Permission denied… 314 more words