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Convert Syslog Events to a JSON Stream

The syslog-ng project serves as a general replacement for rsyslog (the default syslog daemon incarnation on Ubuntu and other distributions). It allows you to simply defining… 708 more words


The Pure Storage Content Pack 1.0 for VMware vCenter Log Insight

The Pure Storage Content Pack for VMware vCenter Log Insight is now live on the VMware Solution Exchange! Download it today for free. As past posts have shown I have done a decent amount of work with Log Insight here at Pure and in my previous job. 1,254 more words


git: some tricks

I used RCS, CVS and SVN in the past, so I am not new to version control. GIT is a bit different from them, by the way, and is new to me, so I need to write down things before I learn them by earth. 1,693 more words


Test dummies on sale!

Someone in the CFEngine community said that configuration management is a big hammer: you can manage a zillion of systems with ease. Or wreck them, with the same ease. 4,819 more words


Clearing syslog

Due to some reason, my /var/log/syslog had grown over 500MB. Since I have /var mounted to a separate partition I noticed it easily. I had never had such an issue, so I googled around and found this… 87 more words


vCenter 5.5 Upgrade with Windows Server 2012 R2 - Part 5 - Integrating vUM and Syslog

This is part 5 of the vCenter 5.1 to 5.5 Update 1c upgrade, detailing the installation of vSphere Update Manager and vSphere Syslog Collector for vCenter 5.5. 961 more words