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Safer package installations with APT and CFEngine

Package installation can be tricky sometimes when using configuration management tools, as the order in which package operations are performed can have an impact on the final result, sometimes a disastrous impact. 389 more words


My round of conferences in February

The first half of February is going to be quite busy to me with two conferences just a few weeks away now.

On February 2nd and 3rd I’ll be at the… 628 more words


Configure SYSLOG server for Juniper SRX

Configure SYSLOG server for Juniper SRX

Logs are very helpful for troubleshooting. In Juniper SRX you can configure logs withing the device or send log to log server in the network. 17 more words

Stream Horizon View logs to VMware vRealize Log Insight

With the introduction of Syslog Support, management and troubleshooting of VMware Horizon View 6.x is much more versatile and offers best in class log management by integrating with syslog server such as VMware vRealize Log Insight. 1,683 more words


A small leap for a clock, a giant leap for mankind

It’s going to happen again: IERS’ Bulletin C was published yesterday announcing that we’ll have a leap second at the end of June this year. It’s time to get ready, but we this time we are luckier than in 2012: leapocalypse’s scars were deep and still hurt, and… 272 more words


drupal logging to rsyslog

0. Enable the syslog module in Drupal

Configure the Drupal module
In admin/config/development/logging , you can select one of the following prefixes for your website: 184 more words

On systemd

UNIX init systems are not a topic people discusses a lot about, usually. There is some buzz when a new one is out, some more buzz when it is adopted in other shops than those where it was born, then most OS keep on with their old solution (usually the System V init system, or sysvinit) and everything falls back to radio silence. 1,386 more words