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Setting up your Linux environment to support multiple versions of Java

Four ways to change your version of Java

Most people just define their JAVA_HOME variable, and rarely change it. If you do want to change it, or perhaps switch between different versions, you have some choices: 1,382 more words


syslog-ng in a nutshell

Here are some notes about syslog-ng, which is often installed as the default logging system on many unix distros.

I will explain how to configure syslog-ng to create specific logs for a given application, and how to transmit logs to a remote log server. 666 more words

Restoring GRUB2: Part 3 - Chroot-ing

In Part 1 and Part 2, we’ve covered basic steps in restoring/rescuing GRUB2. Sometimes the GRUB2 settings themselves gets corrupted, which require slightly more work. 167 more words

System Administration

bak Development Cycle: Specifications

In the second part of this n00bish blog series, I will regurgitate the specs for my backup script. This will make for some exciting reading, folks, so hang onto your hats. 368 more words

Bluetooth issues

Gnome Bluetooth tools and the Bluez library: Allows one to pair/set-up bluetooth devices. In addition, there are a number of options and settings that are accessible. 158 more words

System Administration

RabbitMQ and HAProxy: a timeout issue

If you’re trying to setup a highly available RabbitMQ cluster using HAProxy, you may encounter a disconnection issue from your clients.

This problem is due to… 308 more words


BigPanda takes in $7M to help IT staff spot problems in the data center

IT problem-spotter BigPanda plans to announce Wednesday that it brought in a $7 million series A funding round and is launching its core product to the general public. 370 more words