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How to use CMD to configure power settings in Win 7/8

We can the “powercfg” to manage our power settings. We can enter the command ” powercfg /?” to see the options

” Command List:
/LIST, /L Lists all power schemes. 473 more words

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What do system administrators do all day?

Today (25 July 2014) is System Administrator Appreciation Day, which is an event to show appreciation for the work of system administrators (or sysadmins) and other IT workers. 806 more words

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The BASH shell, and basic needs

Now we can begin!

There are some prerequisites to operating within the shell in a ‘nix environment:

1. DO NO HARM!….. I know it sounds corny (korny?), but the first commandment of a ‘nix sysadmin is a big one, and not following it, particularly when possessing elevated or root privileges, can cost you time, money, effort, and possibly your job!… You ARE backing up, right? 187 more words


Terminal Emulator

As a linux sysadmin for the past 10+ years, I spend a ton of time behind terminals. I’ve searched near and far for ‘the best’ but have always praised one emulatorĀ as a gift: 31 more words


Change Expired Password in RD Web Access

Remote Desktop Services (formerly known as Terminal Services) can be access through a RD Web Access portal which traditionally did not present a descriptive error message or allow a user to change an expired password. 97 more words

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HTML Help CHM File in Shared Folder

If you try to open a Microsoft HTML HelpĀ file from a shared folder using UNC path, you may see only blank screens where the help content should be. 385 more words

System Administration