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Tales of an Ansible Newb: Ch.1 - Modules

In my last post I used the ansible command line to run an arbitrary shell command on several remote systems. Just being able to do that makes Ansible a useful tool in a sysadmin’s toolchest. 1,190 more words

Tales of an Ansible Newb: Ch0.1 - What are these blog posts?

Last time I wrote about my first baby steps with Ansible, using it for ad hoc commands on multiple machines. When I first started working on Ansible three months ago, that was what 90% of my Ansible knowledge consisted of. 255 more words

Wer frickelt hier?

(Heise) – Peter Schüler:

Microsofts Auto-Updates werden zur Problemquelle. Verglichen mit dem Service für Linux und Anwendungen, ist das reichlich unprofessionell. …


Operating System

VMWare tips

Here is a few tips I’ve learned with VMWare virtual machines hosting Ubuntu 12.04 / 14.04.

How to refresh an upgraded disk

If you want to resize a disk at runtime, go to your VM preferences and update your disk size. 173 more words


Repost: How to check if your Linux server is under DDOS Attack?

Login to your server as root and fire the following command, using  which you can check if your server is under DDOS attack or not: 288 more words


Repost: How to install Puppet server and client on CentOS and RHEL

As a system administrator acquires more and more systems to manage, automation of mundane tasks gets quite important. Many administrators adopted the way of writing custom scripts, that are simulating complex orchestration software. 154 more words


Inodes (Index Nodes)

This is a research paper I wrote about inodes for my Linux class at the University of Advancing Technology.

Whenever a new file is created, inodes, also called index nodes, are created with the file. 449 more words

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