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The UK: Imprisoned by our own fear of racism

Now, how’s that for a title? This is a topic I’ve been thinking about for a long time but something I was worried about posting- for the same reason as the title; fear of being branded racist. 559 more words


Unknown God and Ignored system

Birth, life and death of the souls are the unknown like the origin of the universe. The logical understanding of life can be dissected and analyzed easily that no one can be without appreciating the majestic planning and execution of a master plan which auto updates itself for infinite years. 456 more words


This Is A Test

“There should just be an announcement

of grunts and whistles on the emergency alert system.”


MarCum LX-6 Digital Sonar System LCD with Dual Beam Transducer

Save $ 55 order now MarCum LX-6 Digital Sonar System LCD with Dual Beam Transducer at Best Fish Finders store. Daily updated lowrance fish finders, hummingbird fish finders reviews and find the fish finders cheap consumer reports on Ebay, Amazon. 13 more words

Week 33 - This Girl Is On Fire!

Ok, so I took a “break” after my last cleanse and I have to say that taking a break is never a good idea.  Now, before everyone gets all “you need to indulge” or “that won’t hurt you once in a while” and you would be right. 494 more words

Basic Pedaler: GM Introduces Cost-free Bike Sharing System At Michigan Tech Center by Auto Blog Via

Search out, Google: Adequate Basic Motors staff wanted to arrive at meetings covered in sweat that the company has launched a bike-sharing program. Okay, a wish for damp, winded employees possibly had significantly less to do with GM’s determination than the rising popularity of e… if you want to view full content please visit this … 7 more words