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The Relationship of Relationships

I’ve been on a mission of late to try to pinpoint “when” SLE ( Systemic lupus erythematosus ) entered my life. Why I “got” SLE. Why, in the twelve years I’ve dealt with it I’ve had serious flares and symptoms, and other times I’ve managed my symptoms enough to get some things accomplished. 2,029 more words


Azathioprine and Pantoprazole

I have to be honest, there are gaps in your knowledge. I haven’t told you everything, so it isn’t your fault but mine. The blame is entirely on me. 773 more words


The Tears That Will Never Dry Up

I have had Lupus since I was 14 years old, almost nine years now. It takes a lot for me to cry about my health or situation. 1,211 more words

Progress Report #7


  1. How many days of adopting a vegan diet have I accomplished?
    I am on my 136th day of eating vegan! It honestly feels like it has been longer than four months since I have had any meat.
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Big changes - Goodbye Nitya Nata!

I have not completed all of my exams as yet, I still have one to go. I recently popped in to let you know I would not be popping in for a little while, as I finished off my semester. 511 more words


In Treatment and April

One show I came across earlier this year had a surprisingly profound impact on the way I considered terminal and chronic illnesses. It may seem strange for me to say this, but I really had quite a typical, somewhat unhealthy, response to other peoples illnesses. 917 more words


Vitamin D supplements may benefit lupus patients

19 OCT 2012
A new clinical study published in BioMedCentral’s open access journal Arthritis Research and Therapy provides preliminary evidence that vitamin D supplementation could be considered an immunomodulatory agent for systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), a debilitating autoimmune disease characterized not only by skin, joint, neurological and renal symptoms, but also by inflammation of tissue linings in the body. 312 more words

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