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How People Really Change Their Diets

My post-transplant follow-up appointments are slowly winding down, giving me a little more free time to actually enjoy the summer. But today, as I was taking my pills in the waiting room (they have to be taken at certain times), the woman half of an elderly couple sitting nearby leaned over and started talking to me. 1,209 more words


Top 10 Pantry Staples

Here are my top ten vegan pantry staples:

  1. Quinoa: It is such a healthy and nutrient-rich grain. It is so easy to make and transform into a salad, an entree, or a side dish.
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I want to communicate everything that has happened. There has just been so much and so I warn in advance if I start to share something and fail to complete it, or if something is missing. 1,215 more words


Who is lupusmamma?

Lupusmamma (LM) is, above all, a mamma. Parenting is my number one priority. LM is also a physician. I feel fortunate (although sometimes not so fortunate) to have a medical understanding of my own illness (LM was recently diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus) and of my children’s medical issues.  113 more words

Calm Sick Switch

The ‘Calm Sick Switch’. When you walk in to a room you may instinctively flick on the light. It doesn’t take much thought if any. You could continue to enter without the light, you are familiar enough with the environment. 565 more words


Progress Report #4

This week has definitely been the toughest week I have experienced since going vegan. I have been struggling physically, mentally, and emotionally. The pain I am experiencing is by far the worst joint pains, muscle stiffness, and all around soreness I have ever had.  934 more words

It's Never Lupus? Think again...

Those of you familiar with a certain misanthropic maverick MD will no doubt be familiar with the phrase “it’s never lupus”. Unfortunately, in the real world, it IS sometimes lupus – but what is lupus and how does it arise? 836 more words

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