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Systems Biology - Lesson 3

After learning how to define networks in lesson 1, and how to analyze a network in lesson 2, students were tasked with constructing a network in… 69 more words


Systems Biology - Lesson 2

For our second lesson on Systems Biology, students analyzed a cell phone model simulation created by the Baliga Lab at the Institute for Systems Biology.  The analysis was guided by a… 11 more words


Systems Biology Unit - Lesson 1

During the last two months before summer break, we will spend our time studying the field of Systems Biology.  The Systems Biology Unit will consist of at least four major parts: 68 more words


March - Dance Party

Every two years I attend a conference at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory.   The lab is sort of like heaven for people like me (nerds).   346 more words


The hedgehog and the Quants

Nate Silver bashing everywhere I look. For example in the New York Times. Paul Krugman does it. And someone called Timothy Egan. `Creativity vs. 672 more words


Dying for Sleep (3/24/14)


Can sleep loss kill brain cells?


Like the kind when I pull an all-nighter for school or work?

Yes – if you are a mouse. 840 more words

Active Rest Techniques

sequencing localized RNA in single cells by FISH

To celebrate the 2-year anniversary of this blog, lets talk about the new Science paper in which the authors claim to performs in situ single cell, single molecule  RNA sequencing. 750 more words

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