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Ecology and Systems Biology: Great Salt Lake Initial Model - Day 1

Today we turned our attention to the Great Salt Lake.  We learned about the organisms that live in the lake, with students taking notes on a… 158 more words

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How many Human Genomes will be Sequenced this Year?

It took nearly 13 years, billions of dollars and many research labs across the globe to complete the Human Genome Project. 11 years later, how many genomes would be synthesized in 2014 alone? 231 more words


Ecology and Systems Biology: Clicker Quiz

We began the day with a quick video about the tardigrade (below).  Then, students took their second clicker quiz of the year today.  Questions included a review of the metric system, tools scientists use, ecosystem vocabulary, and a question about extremophiles.   6 more words

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Ectosymbiotic Theory

This article is intended mostly for people with an evolution, biology or otherwise similar background. It is a proposed tool to understand the relationships that define life with a little more clarity. 2,692 more words


Ecology and Systems Biology: Ecosystem Preview

Such talented students at Highline High School!  With several students out of class today preparing for the Homecoming assembly, and short class periods, we reviewed the concept of ecosystem.   184 more words

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Ecology and Systems Biology: Networks and Factors

We launched our first lesson of Unit 2 (Ecology and Systems Biology) with an introduction to the SQ3R reading strategy.  Details are included in the attached… 79 more words

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[SAMPLE] NIH Library Bioinformatics Seminar Series

Bioinformatics Seminar Series
October – December 2014
NIH Library Training Room, Building 10, Clinical Center, South Entrance
No Registration Required

The NIH Library Bioinformatics Seminar Series will feature three, 1-hour lectures presented monthly from October through December on topics including next generation sequencing, structural biology, and system biology. 149 more words

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