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Don't drown while fishing for biomarkers!

At the Biomarkers team, we work closely with researchers all over Europe to help them find the right tools to discover new diagnostic and/or prognostic biomarkers. 396 more words


Energy, Matter, and Organization: Quiz

On Thursday, students were quizzed on their content knowledge around the actions of cell membranes in various environments, body systems, cell organelles, and how cells obtain energy.   13 more words

Systems Biology

Can We Live Forever?

Today marks the transition from Unit 3 (Cells and Homeostasis) to Unit 4 (Energy, Matter, and Organization).  We have learned a lot about how cells interact with their environment.   145 more words

Systems Biology

Body Systems Project - Day 4

Today marked the final day of class time for students to work on their body systems projects.  Students will present their projects to their classmates tomorrow.

Systems Biology

The Hat - Cancer Connection (12/8/14)

Fashion and Health

Go outside. Take a look around a city square, a park, a beach. You will see almost no one is wearing a hat. 765 more words

Active Rest Techniques

Body Systems Project - Day 3

Students ontinued working on their body systems projects, making excellent progress on both the posters and findings tests a doctor might use to diagnose illness in their assigned body system. 42 more words

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Body Systems Project - Day 1

Today we had an unannounced clicker quiz that served multiple purposes.  First, the quiz allowed students to assess their knowledge of body systems vocabulary.  Second, students were able to voice which body system they though twas most affected in Josh when he became sick.   110 more words

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