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Wolves are a vital part of the ecosystem

I was watching the local news a few days ago and was stunned to hear a story of local farmers and ranchers wanting wolves removed from the ecosystem. 187 more words


Hunting Cancer and Other Diseases

I often make the point in these pages that we desperately need new and more sensitive ways of detecting cancers. One approach is to find molecules – biomarkers – that reflect their presence and can be readily detected in, say, blood samples. 124 more words

A New Way to Read the Genome

I am pleased to announce that earlier today the embargo was lifted on our most recent paper. This work represents the culmination of over two years of effort by my collaborators and I. 2,352 more words


Ecology and Systems Biology: Unit Exam Review

Today we reviewed for the unit exam.  We began by connecting the learning from yesterday’s presentation of biospheres with the concepts of unintended consequences and non-native species.   224 more words

Systems Biology

Ecology and Systems Biology: Biospheres

Yesterday, Nick from King County Solid Waste joined us as a guest speaker.  Nick brought biospheres, fully-enclosed glass spheres filled with water (and a little air).   142 more words

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Ecology and Systems Biology: Why the GSL is salty

Curious why the Great Salt Lake is so salty?  Check out this video clip from the Travel Channel show Off Limits (starting at about 1:30).   6 more words

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Ecology and Systems Biology: Initial Model Revision

Today students revised their initial models of the Great Salt Lake, integrating learning about the trophic pyramid, energy flow, carrying capacity, and limiting factors.

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