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New family plan from T-mobile!

T-mobile has been known as a pro-consumer carrier, or “uncarrier.” And the company deserves that, after all, the whole new free music streaming and Test Drive are some revolution for the industry as a whole, combine with payment for early ETF from other carriers is quite, well, awesome. 137 more words


T-Mobile Unveils $100, 10GB Family Plan. Is It Any Good?

Family plans are all the rage with wireless companies. Get groups of customers to buy a bucket of data together for a discounted price. This morning, T-Mobile announced a new plan that it hopes will lure customers in from AT&T, but the company isn’t making a big deal out a major restriction that could make the offer unattractive to some families.

T-Mobile just put Sprint's 'Framily' plans to shame

Anything Sprint tries to do, T-Mobile is determined to try to do better. T-Mobile on Monday unveiled a new family plan that will cost $100 per month for four separate lines and offer a total of 10GB of LTE data, or 2.5GB per line. 272 more words


Report: Carrier phone financing will come to Apple Stores this year

Apple(s appl) is in the middle of a larger push to drive iPhone purchases through its stores: Earlier this year, it started selling prepaid plans… 269 more words


LTE Connectivity Updates

Recently I been in some serious contact with the T-Mobile national networking team regarding the issues at hand with my LTE and as of current, HSPA/HSPA+ connectivity issues. 637 more words


Apple Stores to soon open up iPhone sales via AT&T Next, T-Mobile JUMP, & Verizon Edge

Apple is preparing a significant¬†expansion of its iPhone sales capabilities in its official retail stores, according to sources. Late in August, many Apple Stores in the United States will kick off a pilot program for customers to be able to purchase a new iPhone via the latest carrier upgrade programs: … 371 more words

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