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[TWITTER/INSTAGRAM] 141219 M.Pire members SNS updates


율무차 먹으면 기관지에도 좋고 감기에도 좋대!! 우리 뮤즈들 꼭 챙겨드세요~~ ^ㅡ^ㅋㅋ

Drinking yulmucha (a kind of tea) is good for bronchial inflammation from the cold!! 148 more words


[TWITTER] 141215 T.O Twitter Update

눈이펑펑오네..-_- 다들 빙판길조심합시다 엎어지면 아프오

It’s snowing a lot..-_- everyone be careful of the icy roads and don’t get sick


This translation is not 100% accurate. 18 more words


[TWITTER] 141213 T.O Twitter Update

벌써 500일이라니 시간참 빠르다라고 느껴지는..ㅜㅜ 긴시간동안 더멋진모습을 많이 못보여준것도 속상하고..우리뮤즈들 컴백기다리기힘들텐데도 잘 기다려주는거같아서 늘 고마워 !! 우리 그만큼더 노력해서 나타날테니까! 쭉가자 ♥ㅡ♥

500 days already passed, time truly flies by..ㅜㅜ For a long time I’ve been showing you a disturbed look and I want to show you a better look..Our Muse we are also working hard for the next comeback, we still have to wait and thank you !! 30 more words


[TWITTER] 141209 T.O Twitter update


I would like to smile..^ㅡ^


오랜만에 정말 치유받은기분이야.!!

Its been a long time feeling this kind of healing.!!


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[HQ PICS] 141205 M.Pire at AK&Brand Opening Event

Credit: 쏘쿨, Luvely Lumin , RedSunnier

Source: socool1539 @ Twitter,  luvely0324 @ Twitter, RedSunnier @ Twitter

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[TWITTER] 141206 T.O Twitter Update



Credit: T.O
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[TWITTER] 141205 T.O Twitter updates

이 먼길까지 와준 뮤즈!!! 너무 이쁘다 고마워 샤랑해^ㅡ^*

I never thought Muse would come such a long way!!! Thank you sweethearts I love you^ㅡ^*

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