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[TWITTER + INSTAGRAM] 140815 M.pire Members SNS Updates

140815 – Taehee

더운 날 우리보러 와줘서 고맙고 고생 많았어~ 앞으로도 많이 응원해주고 빠른 시일내에 또 보도록 하자! 그리고.. 니코니코니 찍은사람 당장 삭제하고 잊어주길…^^

Thank you for coming to see us on this hot trouble day~ Continue to support us a lot in the future, let’s meet again soon! 210 more words


[TWITTER] 140812 T.O Twitter Update

너무 오랜만의 트윗이다~~!! 오늘은태희형과 데이트했당 맛난 스쿨푸드음식 잘묵었어요형 도라지배즙도 꿀즙+_+ㅎㅎ pic.twitter.com/lOUBwly0IN

— T.o (@hwoo110) August 11, 2014

Trans: It’s been a while since I last tweeted~~!!

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[PICS] 140729 Performance @ Seoul Jamsil Student Gymnasium - T.O Focus

Credit: Unseen Trap
Source: MODi @ M.pire Official Fan Cafe
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[TWITTER] 140809 T.O Twitter Update

날이 얼른선선해졌으면!!!! +_+

— T.o (@hwoo110) August 9, 2014

Trans: Come cool weather day!!!!

Credit: T.O
Source: hwoo110 @ Twitter
Eng Trans: cyangelci @ M.pire International Forum

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[TWITTER] 140806 T.O Twitter Update

ㅋㅋㅋㅋ이거대박이당 pic.twitter.com/OAaUMbEHGy

— T.o (@hwoo110) August 6, 2014

Trans: ㅋㅋㅋㅋ This party is a big hit

밝기엄청했더니 피부가 하얘졌어 흐흐 pic.twitter.com/gD2JXIizrL — T.o (@hwoo110) August 6, 2014…

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[TWITTER] 140804 M.Pire members SNS updates


심심하니까 뮤즈랑 놀래

— 태희 (@taeheeyam) August 5, 2014

Trans: Bored, Muse there is a surprise

덕분에 시간이 훅훅 지나갔네. 고마워 뮤즈 안뇽 — 태희 (@taeheeyam) …

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6 T.V shows that perfectly describe T.O (not really though)

So apparently ‘.gifs’ are like, a thing – or have been for a while and I’m behind on the times. Here are six Toronto neighbourhoods depicted through the art of short video clips.  45 more words

Condo Culture