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Dream recap

Went to dentist got really lightheadedness almost passed out started see in weird shit transitioned to this weird jungle kike place where they made hybrids of animals and there were invisible beaver and shit then a t rec came and the instructor science guy was like o everyone should probably run so we did but I took a bad route and it came after me and I knew it was gonna get me so I stopped and turned around and as soon as it was wirjing an inch of my face I paused time (?????) And examined it and even poked my fucking he’s in its mouth then moved around it ever so slightly and time resumed and it went flying past me then I saw higher ground that it couldn’t get to and went up there and there were these hyena looking hybrid things and one was in a cave cage and they were abiut to attack hut then some people or animals I cant remember helped me out

First ones

1) Damsels in distress; Rescue; Bullfrog protecting their frog spawn

2) In the underground trying to escape; T-Rex; I can see bones or skeletons of prehistoric victims/prey ‘running’ away then getting caught; bones to flesh then back again… 55 more words


Doctor Wholittle - He talks to the dinosaurs

In the 1976 story The Masque of Mandragora the Doctor finally reveals the secret of why he and his companions can always understand the local language wherever the TARDIS lands. 337 more words

Doctor Who

T-Rex vs. Daylyt [Lyrics]

T-Rex vs. Daylyt @ Total Slaughter

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