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Xi’an to Baghdad to LA

A couple of weekends ago, we met up with friends Andy and Carol to check out the Silk Road exhibit at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles… 209 more words


We Are The Fury - Still Don't Know Your Name (2007)


It’s quintessential glam rock, all T-Rex and Bowie, but it’s from from across the pond. Largely overlooked at the time, We Are The Fury’s album… 41 more words

David Bowie

T. Rex Gets New Home In Smithsonian Dinosaur Hall

WASHINGTON (WJZ)—For more than 100 years, the National Museum of Natural History has had a dinosaur exhibit without a real Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Mary Bubala reports it is now one Jurassic step closer to having one of the most complete T. 321 more words


T. Rex Gets New Home in Smithsonian Dinosaur Hall

WASHINGTON — More than 100 years after dinosaurs were first displayed on the National Mall, T. rex — the king — is joining the Smithsonian collection after a 2,000-mile journey from Montana. 662 more words


T.REX (Marc Bolan) - The Third Degree

one of my Favourite not so well known Bolan tracks


Life-sized dinosaurs to roam Rexall Place as theatrical event returns to Edmonton

EDMONTON – Some of the largest creatures ever to roam the planet will be back in Edmonton this fall for ‘Walking with Dinosaurs.’

The theatrical event – which includes 20 life-sized dinosaurs – will take viewers back 100 million years, to travel through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. 231 more words


Tough to be a T-Rex

made a  NEW Hannah-mation

Tough to be a T-rex

JavaScript required to play Tough to be a T-rex.