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alternate for count

We always need to find the no of records in any table depending upon the situation and We always use count(*) or
count(1) function to calculate the no of rows in the table. 212 more words

Alternate Of Count(*)

SQL Myth : Delete Duplicate Rows

I had a myth about SQL from the day I learned CTE and I corrected it a week back.

Did you have the same ? Let us check out. 120 more words


SQL SERVER - How to use Procedure sp_user_counter1 to sp_user_counter10

There are many performance counters available in SQL Server which can be used to monitor various parameters of SQL Server engine. Have you ever been into a situation where you want to see value in performance counter for a query which you have returned? 507 more words

SQL Authority

SQL SERVER - Common Sense Data Security - Notes from the Field #055

: This is a 55th episode of Notes from the Field series. Common sense is not as much as common as we think. I am sure you agree with it from your real world experience. 679 more words

SQL Authority

Using Dynamic Conditions in Where Claues

Yesterday, one of my junior asked how can we use conditions dynamically in where clause without using dynamic queries. Below is the simple way through which one can achieve it. 150 more words


SQL SERVER - Is tempDB behaving like a Normal DB?

The more I work with SQL Server, more I am baffled with the way SQL Server works. In all these interactions, I have seen DBA’s and Developers think about TempDB as something totally different from a usage point of view and treat it differently. 795 more words

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