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SQL SERVER - Life of a SQL Query - Query States

This is the guest blog post written by James Davies, Sales Engineer, Confio Software, a SolarWinds company. It is written based on the Database Performance Analyzer… 532 more words

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SQL SERVER - Calculating XIRR in SQL Server - Internal Rate of Return Available

Note: Download the XLeratorDB to play along this blog post.

XIRR is a widely-used used financial calculation that lends itself to evaluating the rate of return on either historic cash flows or anticipated future cash flows. 1,476 more words

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[SQL Snacks Video] SQL Server Table Partitioning 102

Welcome back for part 2 of my SQL Snack Pack on Table Partitioning! If you have not watched the first video, I would highly encourage you to do so.


SQL SERVER - Three Questions - Do You Know Your Servers? - Book Gift

It has been almost 2 years since we had a poll on this blog so here a poll which ask you three simple questions. Trust me these questions, I have carefully picked after doing a beta testing on a small group of people. 156 more words

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Some Settings for Transact-SQL


  • If ON, Strings in the Double Quotation can be regarded as Database Objects, which has the same effect just as

Error handling using TRY-CATCH

As of SQL Server 2005, you can handle errors using a TRY-CATCH block, similar to “real” programming languages. This enables you to trap most common errors and handle them, instead of having your entire batch or procedure fail with an error message.