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SQL SERVER - Search Records with Single Quotes

Every day when I woke up there are hundreds of emails with various questions related to SQL. I spend my first hour of the day answer each of them. 62 more words

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Distributing values with overlapping ranges

Today, we’re going to look at how to distribute values with what I call “overlapping ranges”. What I mean by that is that the value that you need to distribute has a given range and the objects you want to distribute the values to are also defined as ranges. 1,215 more words


SQL SERVER - Combined Multiple .SQL files into One Single File

Here is an interesting problem which I enjoyed solving yesterday.

There were multiple SQL Files in my one folder. When I had to send it to my friend I had to collect all the files into a folder and zip it to send it via email. 211 more words

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Níveis de Isolamento da transação II – READ COMMITTED


Definição MSDN: Especifica que as instruções não podem ler dados que foram modificados, mas que ainda não foram confirmados por outras transações. Isso impede leituras sujas.

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EXCEL / SQL SERVER - Extract the Domain from an Email Address

Just like any business person, I work with Excel pretty much half of my time when I am not working with SQL Server. Recently I faced challenges when I wanted to extract domain from the email address. 137 more words

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Consolidate multiple records into a single row

I worked on a restore script that had to consume values from the network share and produce a restore statement. This database happened to be striped to eight files. 77 more words

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T-SQL Query Plan Analysis Prelude

Have you ever found yourself pulling your own hair with both hands, desperate to understand why that stubborn T-SQL query runs so desperately slow? Were you intrigued by the cool if complex visuals of its query plan? 380 more words