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Do You Tabata?

Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training that can be completed in a very short amount of time. It’s perfect for anyone who has a hectic schedule without much time to get in a workout, and is adaptable to any type of exercise you like. 211 more words


A Great Workout Finisher and a Life Hack

I received the greatest life hack last week while I was shoe shopping. I’m not talking fancy heels, I’m talking sneaks! I own approximately 4 thousand pairs of running shoes. 150 more words


Exercise Journal: 27.10.2014

Ashtanga Yoga:
– Surya Namaskara A
– Surya Namaskara B
– Basic Sequence – Fundamental-Positions
– Yoga Chikitsa: modified Utthita Hasta Pādānguṣṭhāsana, modified Utthita Pārśvasahita, Utthita Hasta Padangushthasana, Utkaṭāsana, Vīrabhatrāsana A, Vīrabhatrāsana B, Daṇḍāsana, Paścimottānāsana, Pūrvottānāsana, modified Triyang Mukha Eka Pāda Paścimottānāsana, Baddha Padmasana, Yoga Mudra, Padmasana, Shavasana… 116 more words


Boot Camp

According to Merriam-Webster, boot camp is defined as: a short but very difficult training program : a program or situation that helps people become much better at doing something in a short period of time.  811 more words

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Braving the cold

I’m quite chuffed with myself. This morning I had the choice of staying in bed, but I decided to brave the cold, got up and changed into workout gear, chomped some muesli (the yummy… 404 more words

TD 25102014


1h Cardio Sculpt (8 tabatas, weights)

1h FitBall (swiss ball, weights)

1h crossfit (7 stations, body weight)

30mins core training (abs and back)

One of the toughest mornings I’ve had in a long time! :D


More food. More squats. And more deadlift meltdowns...

Week 4 of my off-season mesocycle, and I’m definitely looking forward to deload (week 6). You never know, I might have the energy to tidy up my flat! 862 more words

Strength Training