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Workout of the Day 10/21/14

Overhead Press

EMOM 10:00

2 @ 70%


Tabata Push-ups – accumulated repetitions

Tabata Hollow holds – for invincible abs 22 more words


Your Next Workout - Try Tabata

Want to squeeze in a high impact calorie-torching workout in 4 minutes? Of course you do! Tabata is a style of HIIT developed in Japan.  Tabata routines are 4 minutes long and include intervals of 20 seconds of full exertion followed by 10 seconds of rest.   97 more words


Aches, Pilates & Smuggery

Yep, this was me after I completed my 30minutes of Tabata and 1 hour of Pilates…And yep, this amount of exercise was unintentional.

Although I was feeling a bit achey from my 6mile run the previous day, I decided I’d give Tabata another shot. 272 more words


Exercise Journal: 20.10.2014

Start Bodyweight Full Body HIIT: 24 rounds – 30/10, 20/10, 20/10

– Intermediate Shrimps: 13 l, 8 r
– Renegade Squats: 4

Horizontal Pulls… 50 more words


Today's WoD - 20/10/2014

Today’s WoD was solid hard – I would say 10/10 – but the only thought that pulled me through was thinking about times I had hurt more through exercise (for any rowers reading this, specifically my 2km test) – so therefore it has to be a 9, maybe a 9.5. 242 more words


Advice needed!

Hello followers! I promise I haven’t disappeared off the face of the running planet. Between starting a new & fabulous job to feeling a little niggle in the old left hip, I’ve not had time to write! 421 more words


Workout of the Day 10/18/14

100 m Banded Sprints


10 Hollow Rocks

10 Toes-To-Bar

X 3


Tabata Side Plank – rest is as many Abmat sit-ups as possible. 22 more words