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Increase Core-Strength with Tabata Planks

When done correctly, planks work every muscle in your core. Making planks a regular part of your workout program or yoga practice can have positive effects on your posture, balance, and strength. 518 more words


back in the game.

This past week I went to my first official CrossFit class (the reason I say the preceding is because my husband doesn’t count community classes as a “true” example of CrossFit), and, I went back to Barre class!! 392 more words





a.) With a running clock:
20 power cleans 95/65
20 front rack lunges
20 deadlifts

rest 1 minute then,

30 pullups… 77 more words


Develop a Habit in 21 Days

Did you know that it only takes 21 days in which to develop a new habit?

21 days… that’s only 3 weeks!! Well, the fact that many of us are facing the last minute rush to drop a few pounds before Christmas day and the new year party dress gets it’s outing I want to appeal to you to NOT jump on a dangerous quick fix diet. 413 more words

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tabata spin

Good morning! It’s Secret Santa week at work (yes, week.. a present per day, almost like Chrismukkah), and my saint of a Santa started the week with this: 532 more words


Turn That Treadmill Off for Killer Results

Yes, you read that title right. It’s time to leave the treadmill off. I don’t mean stay off of it, I just mean use your leg power, core strength and mental toughness to power that treadmill all by yourself. 339 more words


WOD (12-17-14)

(:20/:10 x 4) x 2

Box Top Sit-ups

(:40 rest)


(:40 rest)

Back Squats (95# / 65#)

(:40 rest)

10 yard Hit The Deck Shuttle Runs

*2 mins. rest then repeat*

CrossFit Rhythm