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These Tabby Cats Have A Weird Fascination With Paper

Tabby cats are weird. The most recent I owned had a few strange obsessions — chewing the litter box at all hours of the night, licking denim and most notable, tapping paper. 120 more words

Web Culture

Magnetic Bedz

Mumz bed iz a magnet…we iz powerless to move MOL….come join uz…be purrpared to stay MOL ..


Audie The Cat Bird

Audie is an orange tabby that my nieces adopted last spring. She came with the name Autumn because of her colouring; her coat is a reddish gold instead of the typical pale orange. 516 more words

Life Lessons

Mondayz the new Sunday

Hi evfurry..
Well the weekend here waz furry hectic..Sunday we spent the whole dayz helping mum an dad and it waz Kitty Day Spa workz…it iz STILL not ready…boy… 484 more words