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Mondayz the new Sunday

Hi evfurry..
Well the weekend here waz furry hectic..Sunday we spent the whole dayz helping mum an dad and it waz Kitty Day Spa workz…it iz STILL not ready…boy… 484 more words


Pickles Update

Hi evfurry it’s me Pickles…

I want to thanz evfurry fur your wishes..and to say I am A-OK an doin really well..i am eating well an sleeping well MOL an playing an happy.. 82 more words


Toothless Friday

Hi evfurry..’scuse my lisp…I had my trip to the V.E.T. today…where they stole my bloodz…my furz…an 3 of my teefz!…it went well so mum an Dr Liz sayz..I go back in two weekz fur a check upz..an to re do some bloodz coz my Proteinz was a bit high even fur being dehyratedz..so Dr Liz sayz could be from my bad teefz so we checkz… 345 more words


Mousey Monday

I gotz a mousey from Sammy an I deaded him evfurry chance I get…..mum sayz I gotz the movez …MOL have a great Monday Paw Pats Pickles xxx


Easy Sunday Winter style down under

Enjoyin some Winter sun puddlez before the cold setz in…join uz evfurry..Pickles an I will share..

Have a lovely easy evfurry…Pickles an Cleo 20 more words


Giant Orange tabby stalks roos...

Behind the safety glass of the enclosure ..the giant Orange Tabby..or Domesticus Gingus Pluxurious…stalks her prey…as long as she stays in her cosy enclosure the Eastern Grey Kangaroo is safe….for it is no match for the Dinnermintz…..;)


The Agony of Defeat in Golf and the Comfort of a Favorite Box

Some days are hard after a long day of golf dreams, thinking that you could drive that ball with no squeaky as long as Nonee or Louise, but then you can always go to your favorite box or couch, and dream big! 44 more words