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Romeo Oh Romeo, For Where Art Thou Romeo

Oh what a beautiful boy he was…
One afternoon, I asked Lily (my other cat) if she wanted a companion, a friend… I was talking another cat. 211 more words

Not Wrist, Walk

I feel it would be wrong to have Wrist to Forehead Sunday on Easter. And in any case it is unnecessary. My wrists are in their accustomed place, just beyond the edge of my keyboard, as I type. 529 more words


Maybe the Sun will Thaw Out my Brain

In my defense, it’s a a holiday weekend. How productive am I expected to be? The sad thing is, I have a whole list of potential blog topics involving recent Mohawk Valley adventures. 306 more words


"Play with me"

The tabby keeps coming into my house to eat and sleep. Elliott always tries to play with him, but all he wants is to have a rest. 21 more words


Orange Tabby and Black Cats in Cherry Blossoms Handmade Jewelry Fine Art Pendant

“Cats on a Spring Night” An orange tabby cat and a long-haired black cat sit on a tree branch, contemplating a luminous full moon. Cherry blossoms dance in the green Spring night sky. 82 more words

A Cat Bed For You and a Cat Nap For Me.

While cleaning my bedroom this evening, I figured it would be interesting to have my desk underneath the main window. I also thought it would be nice to install  a cat bed in the windowsill so I could blog and hang out at the cat without leaving my desk. Crazy cat ladies commence!


Smorgasburg Summer

It is finally nice outside! 70 degrees and sunny! I got sunburned on my face and I’m loving it.¬†Warmth means shorts, tank tops and flip-flops. 130 more words

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