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Sea Cat Fishing

Tabbycat gazing out to sea in the warm autumn sun. One of many street cats in the beautiful bay of Cavtat in Croatia.

Why am I still awake?

It’s 4am and I ate an early Thanksgiving dinner at my sister’s house this evening. Don’t understand why I’m not asleep yet. The tabby Finn is asleep on my bedrest pillow behind me. 157 more words


Tabby Cat Joel, TCC misses you.

It has been a day of tears at The Cat Corner.

Joel died.  This morning, the vets found him, still warm but no longer breathing.  And we cried. 713 more words

The Cat Corner

Kitten Madness!

On April 10th several kittens were born… We were blessed to receive 2 of them.  Now I have had well over a dozen cats throughout my life and know a lot about them, but one thing I had never experience that I remember are multiple kittens.  265 more words


New Kid in the House...

Introducing Nala! A beautiful little kitten who is now Donovan’s nap buddy :)


The Sweetest Cat, In Memorium

In honor of Chester, an orange tabby that made appearances on this blog, we publish a pet obituary by Amy and her partner, Cara Beth. Chester, otherwise known as “Chet” and “the Pumpkin,” was 17 when he died last Sunday, 9 November. 290 more words