Tags » Table Rock Lake


signed and sealed
the heron closed the deal
fished out and framed
the afternoon delivers
sun and water reflections
of a wilder life
witness of a quieter day… 82 more words


migration calls

calls of longing
echo across the water
gulls heading south to the sea


breaking fast

mists and small fish
rise in the morning cove
heron breaks his fast


The Colors of Spring

The sky is Blue, the grass is turning Green, the flowers are Yellow and the temperatures are turning the thermometer Red!  Ahhhh!  It’s a great day in the Ozarks!


golden trumpets sound

from the cold winter garden
bright golden trumpets of daffodils
intrusion of grace


Lenten Moments

quiet murmuring
pale gray doves in the cedars
lenten prayers
from the cedar tops
blue jays call
shouts of acclamation
cold wind ruffles the morning cove… 11 more words