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Tea Maker: Mark 1

The Pipe:

To use the “dunker” that I built the other day, I needed to have a pipe move the water away from underneath the Sunbeam spout. 586 more words


Kicking Back

I was in the zone. I was pushing to get more boards done (sounds normal, right?). I was in the second table saw phase: cleaning up the boards after the glue-up. 469 more words


Review of My Grizzly Sliding Table Saw (G0623X)

A few years ago, I was in the market for a new table saw. My decision was between a sliding table saw or a SawStop table saw (you can read more about my decision process in the three articles titled… 1,160 more words

Sliding Table Saw

Sometimes It's Just Easier to Buy a Jig

I’m all for those of you who make your own jigs, clamps, tools, etc.  I’m always impressed to see how you made a tool for yourself that makes your work easier and more enjoyable.   197 more words

Table Saw

3D Chess Board

Being the cool sophisticated person that I am, I enjoy playing chess with my equally cool and sophisticated friends. Then after my recent acquisition of a circular saw, building a 3D chess board sounded like an ideal way to try it out. 318 more words


Another Break-away Joint

In a couple of articles I’ve written and in my DVD on a Massachusetts High Chest of Drawers, I’ve shown and described a technique used to attach drawer blades to the case using a socket that is made as you break away waste material. 402 more words


Today I learned to work wood.  Though, in this case, what I really did was learn to operate four powerful machines that did the work for me.  825 more words