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Automated Table Saw Cuts Photovoltaic Solar Cells

is a solar hobbyist and needed a way to cut solar cells for his projects. He had previously created a rotary tool saw but manually feeding them through was sketchy at best. 285 more words

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Repairing a Drawer Bottom

Earlier this week, my wife won a chest of drawers from an online auction. Sure enough when we get it home and examine the piece, we discovered there was significant water damage to the chest that the auction company failed to mention (what a surprise!). 213 more words


DIY Super Accessory For Your Dremel

Little jobs require little tools and you can’t get much more littler than a Dremel. For his tiny tasks,  has built a Dremel-powered base station… 206 more words

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Table Saw 1889

A circular saw is a tool which no workman who has once seen it at work would care to be without, for it is a labour-saving tool of the first importance, and enables its owner to do many things with an amount of ease, exactness, precision, and rapidity that cannot be attained with saws actuated by the hand and arm. 183 more words


Better Way to Square Table Saw Blades / Meilleure façon pour régler la lame de scie d'équerre

La méthode habituelle de régler la lame du banc de scie d’équerre est de déposer une équerre sur la table et de l’appuyer sur la lame, n’est-ce pas ? 255 more words